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Homeowner’s Guide to Sustainable Decking
Created On: November 22, 2023
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Is your outdoor space in need of a revamp? Why not consider eco-friendly decking, a sustainable solution that benefits both your home and the environment?

With eco-friendly materials and innovative designs, sustainable decking, also known as composite decking, is a game-changer in the world of outdoor living. Not only do these options reduce your carbon footprint, but they also offer a durable, low-maintenance, and stylish solution for your backyard sanctuary.

In this piece, we’ll explore the benefits of sustainable decking and the reasons why you should consider making the switch to sustainable composite decking for your next outdoor project.


Key Takeaways

  • Sustainable decking is an eco-friendly and sustainable option for outdoor spaces that offers impressive durability, minimal maintenance requirements, and a range of customisable colours & textures.
  • Composite decking provides superior longevity compared to traditional wood with low maintenance needs making it a cost-effective choice.
  • Choosing sustainable decking contributes to environmental conservation beyond the backyard!

What is Sustainable Decking?

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Sustainable decking refers to outdoor decking materials that have minimal environmental impact, offering a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional options.

Selecting sustainable decking materials for your outdoor space not only helps you establish a beautiful, functional area for your family and friends to enjoy, but it also helps preserve our planet for future generations.

Below are the various types of sustainable decking materials to help you determine the ideal fit for your outdoor space.


Composite Decking

Composite decking, also known as composite boards, is a popular choice for eco-friendly decking, made from a blend of recycled plastics and wood fibres, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood. This innovative material is designed to be durable and low-maintenance, providing homeowners with a long-lasting and attractive outdoor space without the environmental concerns associated with traditional wood decking.

Composite decking offers several benefits, including:

  • Use of recycled materials
  • Reduction of waste in the long run
  • Environmental benefits beyond your backyard
  • Remarkable durability
  • Wide range of colours and textures


Recycled Plastic Decking

This is another excellent option for sustainable outdoor spaces. It uses waste materials to create a durable and environmentally friendly product and offers several benefits:

  • It helps reduce waste by utilising recycled plastic
  • It contributes to a healthier and more sustainable environment by keeping vast amounts of plastic out of landfills
  • It helps to reduce the amount of plastic washing into the ocean

Choosing recycled plastic decking for your outdoor space actively promotes environmental conservation and leaves a positive impact on the world.


Sustainably Sourced Wood Decking

Sustainably sourced timber decking is another fantastic option for eco-friendly decks, offering a more natural and traditional look without compromising on environmental responsibility.

This type of timber deck comes from responsibly managed forests, ensuring minimal impact on the environment while providing you with a durable and long-lasting outdoor space. By utilising wood waste in the production process, these sustainable decks contribute to a circular economy and reduce waste.

Options such as cedar decking, Ipe decking, and water-reclaimed Ipe are just a few examples of sustainably sourced wood decking materials that can be used to create an environmentally friendly outdoor space.

Opting for sustainably sourced wood decking supports responsible forest management practices and aids in protecting our planet’s valuable resources for future generations.


Which sustainable deck option is right for you?


What is composite decking?

Composite Decking Melbourne

Composite decking is an increasingly popular choice for those looking to create a sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor space. Made from a blend of recycled plastics and wood fibres, composite decking offers an alternative to traditional wood that not only looks great but also contributes to a more sustainable world.

Composite decking, through its use of recycled materials in the manufacturing process, reduces waste and provides environmental benefits beyond the backyard.

With its impressive durability, long lifespan, and minimal maintenance requirements, composite decking is an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a stylish and eco-friendly outdoor space. Its resistance to weather, rot, and insect damage ensures that your deck will remain in pristine condition for years to come, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without the stress of constant upkeep.

However, it’s worth noting that composite decking may have a higher initial cost compared to traditional wood decking. Despite this, the long-term savings in maintenance and replacement costs make it a more cost-effective option in the end.


Why choose composite decking?

Here’s why WoodEvo composite decking is the perfect choice for your sustainable decking project:


Durability and longevity compared to traditional wood

Composite decking’s standout advantages include:

  • Superior durability and longevity compared to traditional wood decking
  • Resilience to weather, insects, and rot compared to natural wood
  • Longer lifespan and less need for repairs or replacements

Composite decking requires minimal upkeep, saving homeowners time and effort in maintaining their decks. This durability, coupled with the long-lasting and low-maintenance nature of composite decking, makes it a cost-effective choice for homeowners in the long run.


Low maintenance requirements

Composite decking’s low maintenance requirement is another of its significant advantages. Unlike traditional wood decking, which may require regular:

  • oiling
  • painting
  • sealing
  • staining
  • chemical treatments

to protect it from termites, rot, and mold, composite decking only needs occasional cleaning to maintain its pristine condition.

Using a soft-bristled brush, hose pipe, regular sponge, and deck cleaner, you can easily maintain your WoodEvo composite decking and keep it looking great for years to come. Check out our cleaning guide for more information.

This minimal maintenance requirement not only saves you time and effort but also contributes to the cost-effectiveness of composite decking, making it an attractive choice for homeowners.


Resistance to weather, rot, and insect damage

Composite decking is designed to withstand weather, rot, and insect damage. Its unique composition of wood fibres and plastic makes it more resistant to these common issues, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space worry-free.

In addition to its impressive resistance to such elements, composite decking is also highly resistant to mould, decay, and moisture, making it a dependable and long-lasting choice for homeowners.


Variety of colours and textures available

The extensive variety of colours and textures available in our range enables you to create a unique and stunning outdoor space that complements your home’s design. Some colour options to choose from when selecting our WoodEvo composite decking boards include:

Home Range

  • Teak
  • Charcoal
  • Basalt
  • Tallowwood

Home Plus Range

  • Barossa
  • Nordic
  • Hampton

Home Advanced Range

  • Sandstone
  • Oak
  • Antique Silver

With these options, you can find the perfect colour to match your aesthetic preferences and bring your outdoor space to life.

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Environmental Impact: Beyond the Backyard

Opting for sustainable decking options like composite decking fosters a more sustainable world by reducing waste and using recycled materials, providing environmental benefits beyond your backyard. By selecting eco-friendly materials for your outdoor space, you’re actively contributing to environmental conservation and making a positive impact on the world around you.

Companies like us, WoodEvo, are committed to sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle, ensuring that our decking materials have been thoroughly analyzed for their carbon footprint throughout their entire life cycle.

Choosing sustainable decking materials, made from responsibly sourced raw materials, aids in preserving our planet’s valuable resources and makes a difference in environmental conservation for future generations.



In conclusion, sustainable decking options like composite decking, recycled plastic decking, and sustainably sourced wood decking offer a multitude of benefits for homeowners and the environment.

By considering sustainable decking options for your next outdoor project, especially composite decking, you can create a beautiful and functional space that not only benefits your home but also makes a meaningful impact on the world around you.

Check out our composite decking ranges and create the perfect outdoor oasis for you and your family to enjoy.

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