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Is Eco deck a perfect choice for Melbourne’s climate?
Created On: January 20, 2023
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Are you considering installing outdoor Decking in Melbourne and looking for the perfect choice? Eco deck is one of the most popular solutions for outdoor Decking in Australia, especially for warmer climates like Melbourne. With its long-lasting qualities and range of finishes, Eco decking is a good fit for your home. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the potential benefits of choosing Eco Decking and go over a few tips that could help keep your deck in the right condition for years. Read on to find out if Eco Decking is worth it for your Melbourne climate!


Why choosing the right Decking is important in Melbourne’s climate?

Decking is a popular solution for creating an outdoor living space in regions with warm and humid climates, such as Melbourne. However, choosing the wrong type of decking material can cause your investment in early damaged or prematurely aged material. To ensure maximum longevity and value for your money, it is essential to choose the right type of material specifically tailored to the local climate conditions in Australia.

It would help to consider factors such as rainfall intensity and sun exposure levels when selecting your choice of Decking. But why is it important to have the best material for building a new Australian deck that will stand up against all? The decking choice must be resistant to extreme temperatures because a city like Melbourne has a very disturbing climate at some times which affects the residents.


Is Eco deck a savior in Melbourne’s weather- its benefits?

As we already mentioned about the importance of choosing the right decking material for your space, you must know which material suits the most with Melbourne’s climate. The answer is the Eco deck. You can surely make your life comfortable with the decking, but it has more value other than designing your garden. Here are some benefits you get if you choose Eco decking in Melbourne-


The most important factor of decking is that it is highly durable, as the material’s surface is strong and hard. It is not possible to get early damages or aging on the Eco deck because the material combines reclaimed timber with recycled plastic. Despite daily uses, the Decking remains the same for years.


Eco deck has high resistance power which makes it a low-maintenance material. It is a stain-resistant material that is easy to handle and care. The water absorption of the material is also very low, so it is in harsh rainy weather. These decks are also resistant to rot, decay and termites because it avoids moisture absorption on its surface. As a result, it does not get damaged by mold and mildew. 

Easy to maintain

Renovation of the Eco deck is very easy. You can paint and coat the surface and keep it in good condition for years. You can clean the surface by scrubbing it with mild soap solutions, which are relatively easier than other maintaining other decking materials. With Melbourne’s changing weather, the Eco deck is the most reasonable Deck to invest in.


Installation Tips for Eco Deck in Melbourne Climate

Installation of the Eco deck is pretty straightforward, but here are some tips to get the best results:

It’s important to ensure the surface you’re installing is on the right level. If not, you’ll need to level it out first with self-leveling concrete or similar. Proper leveling helps the Eco deck to get installed at the right angle and position. Leveling also makes your Deck stable and safe, which is essential in harsh weather in Melbourne.

Ensure the area where you’ll be installing is clear of any debris or obstacles.These obstacles include stone, bushes, and uneven platforms. When installing a deck, cleaning the area is very important. Apart from that, you need to ensure that the Deck is installed in free space in the garden. When installing the Deck, you must keep the area free from movement until the project gets completed. If the partially constructed Deck is used, it may get damaged easily. So try to keep the zone restricted, especially from kids.

If you live in an area with high winds, secure your Eco deck properly. a newly installed deck needs care from harsh weather because the concrete base takes time to get strong. Try to cover the area for some days to prevent your Deck from becoming damaged or dislodged during a storm.


Ideas to protect your Eco deck in poor climate

Since we know that Eco decking is a perfect choice for Melbourne, we must know how to use it properly. There are some ways of protecting the Deck which you must know-

  1. Since the deck area is mostly used for parties and family meetings, you can always build a shade above the Deck, which can keep it safe from direct raining drops. The shade is usually paired with strong pillars, which keep the surface of the Deck away from direct wind.
  2. Use a sealant that covers the surface and makes it safe from harsh weather conditions. The sealant avoids significant damage to the material, which keeps your Deck in the right condition on stormy days.
  3. An extra layer of protection can be given to the Eco deck with the help of a tarp, which acts as an extra layer on the surface, preventing seepage of water and wind gusts affecting the deck material. This keeps the Eco decks free from scratches and cracks in poor climates.
  4. If you have an under Deck attached to your sitting area, you must use blinds in rainy seasons to avoid the splash of water on the Deck. Putting the blinds keeps your deck area dry and clean.


Alternatives to the Eco Deck in Melbourne Climate

There are a few alternatives to the Eco Deck in Melbourne climate. You should know about

  • Composite Decking is one of the good alternatives to the Eco deck. It is made from recycled plastic and wood fibers, making it eco-friendly.
  • The other is the PVC decking which is also environmentally friendly and does not require staining or painting. PVC decking has various styles and designs.
  • Timber decking is a natural decking material that is a reasonable choice. The material’s durability is good, but there are better alternatives than other decking materials.


Amazing Eco deck ideas in Melbourne climate

Eco deck is a well-constructed material suitable for Melbourne residents. You can use it properly at home in different weather with some good ideas. Check out the number of ways to use an Eco deck.

Summer pool area

In summer, the swimming pool is the most fun part of the house. You can sit, relax with your family, and spend the whole day near the water. Having an Eco deck makes your pool area more comfortable for you. You can enjoy an afternoon lunch or sit with a cup of coffee in the evening near the poolside. You can have a pool party on hot summer days with Eco decking.

Fire pit area in winter

During winter, you like to sit near a fire pit with your loved ones and spend a cozy evening. You can build the sitting area near the fire pit with Eco decking. Add some comfortable light weighted furniture on the Deck around the fire pit and enjoy grilling your favorite food. The heat-resistant material of the Eco deck keeps it safe from the fire while giving you a warm sitting space.

A deck with a roof in rainy seasons

Do you like spending time in the garden in the rainy season? You want to feel the rain while keeping yourself dry. You can experience it with Eco decks with a roof on them. Sit with your family under the roof and enjoy the splashes of water around you without getting wet. Eco deck is suitable for rainy days because it has a moisture control layer.


To end with

If you are a Melbourne resident looking to upgrade the outdoor area, the Eco deck might be a perfect choice. It offers excellent UV protection and weather resistance and is designed to thrive in harsh conditions like Australia’s hot summers and cold winters. This makes it an incredibly durable solution for your home.

WoodEvo brings you the best quality Eco deck at a reasonable price. We are aware of the changing climate of Melbourne, so we only offer weather-resistant material. You can easily install the Deck in the open air, as we have years of experience in exterior furnishing. There are different options available for Decking, which you may select. Join us and experience the best backyard furnishing with Eco decking. Contact us now for any queries.

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