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8 Reasons to Choose PVC Decking for Your Space
Created On: December 19, 2022
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An outdoor deck at home is the dream of many Australians.

There’s not much we love more than spending time outside at home and the deck is an ideal place to do this.

From BBQs with the family to relaxing with a good book, there’s pretty much no limits on what you can do with your deck.

If you’re thinking about adding a deck to your outdoor space or you want to replace your current old timber decking, let’s talk about the most suitable decking material for your home – PVC decking.

Keep reading to learn more.


PVC decking: An alternative to traditional wood decking

Wooden decks or traditional timber decking was once the most popular choice for decking in Australian homes.

It was an affordable decking material that also happened to look quite nice – at least for while. However, over time people who have built decks made of natural wood find that they actually require a lot of maintenance and upkeep to keep them not only looking good but also safe to use.

One of the reasons for this is that much of Australia, especially Melbourne, experiences significant climactic changes and the harsh Australian climate can affect the quality of wood decking.

This left many people looking for alternate decking products – particularly ones that are low maintenance. And that’s where PVC decking comes in.

PVC decking boards offer an alternative that looks almost identical to natural wood, yet it is an eco-friendly sustainable option that can give your home the classic finish and ideal outdoor space you’re looking for.  


Why choose PVC decks over wooden decks?

So, we touched on a couple of benefits of PVC decking above, but you might still be confused about what makes PVC better than wooden decks.

While wood decking boards have a long history of use, there are some common issues that many people face, including:

  • Damage from insects, mold and rot
  • Moisture damage from changing weather conditions
  • Less resistant to heat and water
  • Slippery when wet
  • Easily scratched and stained
  • Durability fades over time
  • High maintenance cost

On the contrary, if you use PVC eco decking you can see a different outcome even after using it for years. PVC decking (also known as composite decking) is made with chemical free recycled plastic fibres, which is good for the environment as it keeps it out of landfill.  


Common myths about PVC decks

Before we start discussing the benefits of PVC decking, it is important to address some common myths people mistakenly believe.

Here are the most common PVC decking myths we hear and the truth.


Myth 1: PVC decks are expensive

Many people believe that PVC or composite deck is too expensive for their new deck because it is usually a little more expensive upon initial purchase. PVC decking is available at very affordable prices (talk to us to learn more about PVC composite decking prices) however, the important thing to remember is that compared to timber wood decking boards, PVC deck only requires very minimal maintenance which saves you time and money on staining, maintaining and cleaning your deck.


Myth 2: PVC decks are high maintenance

PVC decking maintenance requirements are very low. In fact to keep it looking good, you just need to clean your deck and this can be done with simple soap and water. There’s no need to use stain or oil to improve it’s durability. PVC composite decks are basically maintenance free compared to wood decks.


Myth 3: PVC deck isn’t very durable

While it’s not possible for a deck to completely avoid damage overtime, homeowners will be ecstatic to know that PVC composite boards are very durable, safe, and easy to care for to ensure they outlast wood decking.


8 Benefits of PVC decking

Alright, now that we’ve busted the myths about PVC decking, it’s time to talk about the benefits of PVC decking.

Here’s 8 awesome benefits of PVC decks:


PVC decking adds functionality to your home

You often want to keep your garden clean and organised so that you get to relax in it whenever you want. When you add PVC decking you actually experience it because you don’t have to spend a long time cleaning and maintaining your space. Instead you can actually use it. PVC decking is fade and stain proof, so you don’t have to worry about what the kids are up to or cleaning it as frequently as a wood deck.


You can do anything on your PVC deck

PVC decks are durable and strong so if you like doing outdoor activities you can always use the deck. You can setup a cocktail party when the weather is warm, the kids can play on the deck, and the pets can soak in the sun on the deck too. You can turn your outdoor space into whatever you want it to be.


Installation is simple, so you can avoid renovations

You do not need to renovate your home or make any changes to it to install a PVC deck – instead the deck can be added to any type of home and installation is fast when you work with high quality deck builders.


There are lots of options for customisation

While designing your deck, the first thing that comes to mind is often how it’s going to look alongside your home. When it comes to flexibility and design styles, there isn’t that much you can do with old wooden decks. But with eco decking you can customise your deck as per your needs a lot easier. You can design it for small to huge gardens. You can choose from the range of designs and structures available for different purpose and construct it accordingly. Here are some WoodEvo decks to give you inspiration.


PVC deck is adaptable to your environment

In harsh weather conditions you do not need to worry about PVC decks as they are constructed carefully and are built to handle different environmental patterns. So even if it’s raining or freezing the surface of the PVC decks do not get damaged or spoiled easily. These decks are suitable for all weather types and they are slip resistant, so no matter the weather, you don’t have to worry.


Avoids natural deterioration

PVC decks are made up of durable plastics so it cannot decay or get damaged by naturally occurring pests and issues, like insects, warping, mildew and moulds. It is a long lasting material which you can install near bushy corners of the garden without concern. You will notice that PVC decks do not attract any natural destroyer of decking materials which happens in case of wooden decks.


Gives a stylish look to your space

Decking not only gives you a perfect setup in the garden for guests’ and families but it also adds an elegant appeal to your home. When you go to the deck area you feel like relaxing because of its versatile designs and styles. With PVC decking you get different types of decks which look attractive in your garden. You get a wide collection of textures, colors and patterns. And on top of this, the low maintenance requirements means that your deck is always ready for entertaining!


Receive warranty

You always get a warranty with PVC decking. You can get it replaced and reinstalled if you face any issue with the decking. The warranty for WoodEvo decking is long, and our team is here to help you with any warranty claims you may have.


Choose PVC Deck For Your New Deck 

If you are planning to buy a deck for your house we highly recommend choosing PVC recycle plastic decking for it’s long lasting benefits. PVC decking can transform your exterior setup and the fact it is durable, heat and slip resistant and comes in different designs and colours makes it ideal for your home.

PVC decking is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to have an eco-friendly backyard that looks amazing all year long.

So what are you waiting for? Go get PVC decks at an affordable price from WoodEvo. Contact us today for free samples of our decking and a free consultation on upgrading your outdoor living space with PVC decking!

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