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Facts to discuss timber decking with the help of timber deck builder in Melbourne
Created On: December 29, 2022
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About timber deck builders

Decks are a great way to turn your outdoor space into the perfect place to sit with guests or relaxing with family. Timber decking has been growing in popularity due to its ability to offer both style and functionality, offering homeowners a cost-effective solution that can really improve your outdoor space. A deck is made of wood or wood fibers which are eco-friendly and has a long shelf life. A good deck builder helps you to get the best quality material with a long shelf life. In this blog post, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at timber decks and discussing some of the key facts you should know before making your choice.


Timber decking in Melbourne

Timber is a type of wood used for building structures in the house. Timber is used for decking as it has a natural look that elevates the value of your home. There are different timber materials available that you can use for timber decking. Some best timber deck builder in Melbourne to help you to construct your house with decking. You can get quality brands of timber decking who are supplying a variety of timber deck materials. You can select the timber material you find most suitable with your home design. The types of timber decking materials available in the market are-


Pine is one of the most famous decking materials used by Australians. The quality of this material is good and it is reasonable in price. Pine has a high resistant power and its suits with finishing like oil and paint. A good timber deck builder in Melbourne guides you to choose the best pine deck for your space.


Blackbutt is a good quality timber suitable for decking at home. The appeal of the material is very natural and elegant. it is resistant to fire and moisture which makes it more durable than other materials. In Australia, pale brown color decking is quite popular. It is because of the classy finish which enhances the overall beauty of the house. The surface of the Blackbutt is smooth and consistent. If you want to seal it you can stain it easily. Some best timber deck builders in Melbourne supply this timber material.


Merbau is known to use in house frames but it is also a good choice for timber decking. The quality of this timber is good and it is less expensive. If you are upgrading your garden then you must try Merbau fencing to give an aesthetic look to your space. This timber is also known for its durability and resistance. It is free from insects and decay. You can install Merbau from a timber deck builder in Melbourne.


If you are looking for a long-lasting timber material then you must try Ironbark. It is hard and has a high density. Construction of this timber is a little complicated because of the weight it has but once it is installed you are amazed at the long shelf life it has. Ironbark has a different range of colors which is not the same as other timber materials.  That is why Ironbark is known as an attractive timber that brightens up the look of your backyard. So why not experience a deck which is appealing and has the highest durability? Contact best timber deck builder in Melbourne and upgrade your house.


Jarrah is one of the most expensive timber materials sold by timber deck builders in Melbourne. Despite the price range  Australians prefer to use it for decking because of the finishing it has on the surface and the fascinating appeal it gives. It is available in many colors from shade red to brown. Due to aging Jarrah turns into greyish color which also looks amazing and natural. Now you can try this material for timber decking at home with WoodEvo.


5 ways of adding timber decking at home

If you love spending time in the garden with your family then you must know about decking and its facilities. There are some unique uses of decks that can make your lifestyle better but for that you need timber deck builder in Melbourne for advice.  Let’s find out different ways of using timber decking at home-

Sun lounge

Sunbathing is very common in winter. It keeps your body warm and fresh. You get good energy when you sit under the sun. So if you have a deck where you can sit and lie down to take sunlight you do not need to make separate arrangements for sunbathing. Set up a sun lounge in your garden with timber decking.

Decking staircase

For easy maintenance of the outdoors, you can always add a timber deck staircase that is connected to the sitting room of your house. When guests arrive they can use the staircase to go into the garden or can sit to click pictures with the house in the background. Yes, you heard it right a deck staircase is a good property for clicking pictures.

Bar top

Planning to call your friends at home? What can be better than having a timber decking bar top? You can set up a grilling party around the bar top and can drink with your friends in the garden. The finishing of the timber deck is good so you can keep all the party items organized on the deck. It adds fun value to the party you throw. Impress your guests by installing decks from timber deck builders in Melbourne.

Pool area

In hot summers swimming pool is a must for Australian families. They sit and relax near the pool to get a cooling effect. So if you want to elevate the look of the pool area you can use timber decking for that. It is less slippery with a strong grip. Children can also enjoy their family time as it is much safer than any other flooring type. Adding a layer of timber deck makes your swimming pool more functional.


How can get the best timber deck builder in Melbourne?

If you want to get the best timber decks for your house you must research the market well. Take advice from interior designers and architects to get better visibility. Good quality timber is durable, reasonable, and has strong appeal in the house. While choosing a deck builder you must check the services you are getting and the types of timber they are providing. A company providing a variety of services is more reliable and has a larger customer base compared to others.

You can always check the testimonials to get a better idea of the customer’s view about the timber deck builder in Melbourne. There are some steps you must follow to contact the best deck builders-

  • Doing a market analysis to find out the famous deck builders with good service background
  • Once listed contact them and interview the builders to choose the best one for you
  • Check the company background the experience they have in this business and the outcomes you get from this. You can get the details from the website and the previous projects the builder has worked with.
  • Ask them to visit your home to inspect and give you advice regarding the construction of timber decks. Compare the expert opinion

If you find their previous work good and the services also reliable then you must choose them. Check the legal backgrounds also for a safe approach in the future. If all these points are covered you can start renovating your space with the best timber deck builder in Melbourne.


Why durability in Timber Decking is important?

Timber decking is generally installed in the outer areas of the house. This is mainly the garden area. So if you are planning to upgrade your garden with timber decking you must buy the most durable material. A durable deck can tolerate heat, moisture, and pressure. With time the surface of a deck starts deteriorating but with a good quality material you can prevent that.

Also because of heavy usage in parties cracks may occur on the body of the deck. So a durable material keeps it away from damage. You do not need to spend a lot for the maintenance of the deck if it is durable material. So it’s better to have a durable deck that is cost-effective and long-lasting.


So now that you know how important it is to choose the right timber deck builder in Melbourne you must select the best company providing high-quality service. Here at WoodEvo, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality timber decking services in Melbourne.

Our team of experts have years of experience and access to the latest technologies to ensure that your project is done right and that you are able to enjoy your new outdoor space for many years in the future. The decking materials are specially chosen according to the preferences of Australian families. Customer centricity is our first priority. We are working with best suppliers to provide you premium quality material to turn your dream into reality. If you’re ready to get started on transforming your backyard, contact us today for a free quote. We look forward to working with you!

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