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5 ways of dressing up your Eco Decking at home
Created On: December 27, 2022
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Everyone loves a garden. It brings the beauty of nature to your very own backyard and provides a soothing atmosphere for relaxation Gardens are great places to spend time with family and enjoy alone time Whether you’re planning an outdoor party or just looking for a peaceful retreat from your day-to-day life, investing in some gardening projects will always improve the look and feel of your home.

Then why not make the garden more comfortable for them? Decking can be one of the ways of making your space more functional and efficient. Decks are a structure that is installed in the exterior parts of the house. They are used for the leisure time of your family. They are useful for house parties and occasions. While renovating your house you must choose the right type of decking for a long-lasting benefit.


What is eco decking- difference from wood decking?

Eco decking is an engineered decking made from plastic and wood fibers for the outdoors of your house. Eco decks are durable, easy to maintain, and add a striking appeal to the house. It is useful for house parties, dates, and grilling. If you are planning to relax in the garden on a warm winter afternoon then the eco deck is a perfect choice for you. They are heat and moisture-resistant which keeps them strong and damage-free in different temperatures. Wood is the common preference of Australians but if you want a deck with a long shelf life then you must try Eco Decking.


Eco Decking or Wood decking

Eco decks are easy to handle whereas wooden decks are damageable as they are less resistant. If you compare both the decks you will observe that wooden decks are made from original wood so they have a chance of getting affected by the nature. For instance, a wooden deck is usually attacked by insects in the garden because of a deposit of moisture on its surface but this does not happen to Eco decks because their formation is different.

Eco decking comes in different a color which is an added advantage. You can select the one best suited to your home exteriors. They do not require paint on them to match with space. On the other hand, wooden decks have no such color or texture in them. You need to paint them. Booth wooden and eco decking are demanded in the market but if you are looking for a combination of technologically equipped material with sustainability then you must try Eco decks for sure.

Composite decking is easier to handle than wooden decks. This is because they have damage control surfaces as they are not completely natural. They have a strong surface which is safer for children compared to wooden decks. In monsoon season wooden decks start smelling and get slippery which is risky. Thus for long-term satisfaction, you must choose Eco decking.


5 ways of dressing up your Outdoors with Eco Decks

Outdoor tub

Outdoor tubs are the heart of the garden in the summer. It allows you to experience the sun while bathing. Youngsters love spending time in tubs with friends during holidays. Now you can set up an outdoor tub without affecting the garden with Eco decks. yes, you read it right, eco decking adds a comfy to your bathtub as it is installed in one particular corner and there is no hassle and rush in the garden because of bathing.


If you love cooking outdoors on a warm winter afternoon then you must try eco decks. These decks are creatively built with a smooth surface which makes your cooking setup easy. You can keep all the necessary ingredients together and plan a grill party at home.The resistant power of the PVC deck helps in keeping the surface stain free and clean while cooking. You can add some furniture like a table and chair on the deck area to cook and relax with your friends at the same time. The grilled food is served hot right after cooking which is not possible if you are cooking in the kitchen and partying outside.

Evening time

As a working individual, you may feel the urge to relax and have a personal space after coming back home. Eco decks give you that comfort where you can just sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy your own company. A small deck set up right under the balcony of your room makes it easier to use. You can just come down through the staircase attached to your room and sit on the deck in the evening time.

Setup plants

Garden lovers know that setting up all the plants in one place can increase the chance of strangling especially plants with multiple roots. Therefore plants are divided into different pots to maintain their growth. If you want to decorate your garden with a small plant nursery then you must use PVC decking. You can construct a small deck for flowers and small bushy plants. This helps in the easy maintenance of the garden because the plants are separated. Also, it helps in protecting small plants from heavy rainfalls. Now you can set up your kitchen garden with eco decking.

Play area

Children playing while you are working make your everyday work much tougher. They should have a separate play area in the house. Eco decking makes a good corner for the children to play without disturbing the daily household work of the family. Also, kids can do extra-curricular activities like painting and sitting on the deck with their friends. Eco decks are safe from accidents and injuries as the surface has a strong grip that avoids slipping while playing on it.

Protection of Eco Decking

Eco decking requires less maintenance than other decks but protecting it is important. There are a few steps you must follow to keep your deck useful for a long period.

Clean after cooking

After grilling on the deck for a house party you must clean it immediately. This helps in eliminating the oil spills dropped on the surface while cooking. Use a soft cloth to clean it immediately after using it. Do not leave it for the next day. Frequent use of the deck for cooking may affect the surface so proper cleaning is needed to retain the shine.

Avoid shovels to clean the deck

Using sharp objects to clean the eco decking makes its surface rough and dents may occur because of heavy application. So if you want to clean ice or water from the deck always use wipers or water pipes. It increases the life of the deck and avoids damage.

Eliminate tannins

Decking has to think of gaps in it which may help tannins to grow between them. This may increase if you do not clean it properly. This impacts the overall look of the deck and insects may increase also. The chances of tannish in PVC decking are much lesser than in wooden decks but still protecting measures keep your deck clean and easy to use.

Use pressure washer

Always try to clean the deck area with a high-speed pressure washer to remove all the dirt and bacteria depicted on the surface because of the environment. The pressure washer cleans all the sticky dirt particles from the surface because of its heavy force. This keeps your deck shiny and smooth for a long.

Seal the deck

Sealing your deck is always important. It protects your deck from heat and heavy moisture. When you install a deck, it is sealed at first by the workers but resealing after some time is needed to keep it protected in the long run.


Is Eco decking adaptable to different weather?

Eco decking is constructed and designed in a way that it can adapt changing climate of Australia. The finishing of the deck makes it more reliable than wooden decking. It is suitable for different weathers because-

  • The mixture of plastic with wooden fibers makes it resistant to moisture. This helps in retaining its quality even in the rainy season.
  • In cold weather, the deck has the power to quickly dry the surface after the snowfall. The stability of the deck gives it the strength to tolerate cold weather and avoids expanding or contracting.
  • The mold and mildew are supposed to occur on the body of the deck because of direct contact with pollutants like pollen and dirt.
  • Eco decking is resistant to mold and mildew.
  • PVC decking eliminates Scratching or denting because of stormy weather which keeps it in good condition
The bottom line

Is your garden looking a little outdated?Eco decking is the perfect way to update your garden without any hassle. It is beautifully constructed and easily installed in your garden. WoodEvo has a wide range of eco-decking to enhance the beauty of your garden.

We believe in customer priorities so we deliver our best services. Our team of experts guides you to select the perfect deck setup depending on your house’s appeal. Now you can party with your friends or just have a warm Sunday family brunch with WoodEvo. Connect to use to solve your queries. Let’s transform your garden together!

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