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Decking Deep Dive: Can Composite Decking Be Used Indoors?
Created On: May 3, 2024
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Welcome back to another instalment of our “Decking Deep Dive” series.

Today, we explore a trend gaining traction among homeowners and designers alike: the use of composite decking in indoor settings. Known for its robustness and aesthetic appeal outdoors, we’ll uncover how this versatile material fits into indoor environments in Melbourne and Sydney.

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is crafted from a blend of wood fibres and plastics, creating a material that stands up to the elements better than traditional wood. This durability, combined with a variety of aesthetic options, makes it a popular choice not only for outdoor decks but increasingly for indoor applications as well.


Can Composite Decking Be Used Indoors?

Yes, composite decking can be adapted for indoor use. However, it requires special considerations, particularly with respect to building codes. These regulations mandate specific testing for chemical emissions in the event of a fire, ensuring the material’s safety indoors.

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Building Code Requirements for Indoor Use

For composite decking to be used safely indoors, it must pass stringent tests that measure the release of chemicals when the material is burned (you can see an example of the test reports required here). These standards are crucial in safeguarding indoor air quality and must be carefully adhered to before installation. Homeowners in Sydney and Melbourne should consult with local experts to ensure all building code requirements are met.


Benefits of Using Composite Decking Indoors

The benefits of using composite decking indoors include its low maintenance needs and resistance to moisture—qualities that make it ideal for indoor areas with high foot traffic or moisture exposure. Its durability is a significant advantage, as it withstands wear and tear much better than traditional wood flooring.


Design Inspirations Using Composite Decking Indoors

Composite decking can transform indoor spaces such as sunrooms, indoor pools, or open-plan living areas. Its ability to mimic traditional hardwood flooring—without the extensive upkeep—allows it to blend seamlessly with various interior designs. From modern minimalist to rustic chic, composite decking offers a range of styles to complement any home in Melbourne or Sydney.


Considerations Before Installing Composite Decking Indoors

Prior to installation, several factors must be considered. These include ensuring adequate ventilation, understanding the installation demands, and confirming that the decking is compatible with indoor heating systems. Choosing the right type of composite decking that meets indoor use criteria is also crucial.

Decking Deep Dive: Can Composite Decking Be Used Indoors?

Why Choose Composite Decking for Indoor Use?

Choosing composite decking for indoor applications offers a unique blend of aesthetic flexibility and functional benefits. It’s an innovative solution for those looking to extend the sleek, modern look of composite materials from their outdoor spaces to interiors. Consulting with a professional from WoodEvo can provide personalised advice and ensure that all technical and safety standards are met.

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