How can you make proper use of composite decking in Melbourne?

Are you looking for a way to add value and visual appeal to your home in Melbourne? Composite decking is one of the most popular exterior renovation options among Australian residents, and no wonder; it can provide an attractive yet practical solution that increases the value of your property. Not just because it’s aesthetically pleasing but also due to its natural benefits. Composite decking in Melbourne is incredibly durable and UV resistant and requires minimal maintenance over time, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the benefits of composite decking and advise on how to use it properly in Melbourne. Keep reading for tips on selecting a suitable material choice, installing composite decks correctly, and more!

Things you must follow while installing composite decking in Melbourne

Composite decking is an excellent addition to any home, but you could run into severe problems if it’s not installed correctly, you could run into serious problems. Installing composite decking can be a daunting task. You need to take guidance for installation, and if you follow these simple steps, you’ll have no trouble.


Before you start building your deck, you must plan everything properly. The planning includes choosing the location, layout, and composite material. When you have enough knowledge about decking because of expert guidance, you can do the proper planning for installation. Early decision-making helps in fast construction and design.

Deciding the platform

When properly planning your composite decking in Melbourne, you need to choose a platform where you want to build the deck. You must ensure whether you want a grassy or plain platform to install your deck. Always look for an even platform to stabilize the decking and get proper ventilation under the deck. This helps in saving the decking cost in Melbourne. You can keep your composite deck free from damage and cracks due to regular traffic.

Choosing a decking board color and design

A composite decking board is available in various color options, which you must choose to match up with your garden setup. Always provide your input while setting up a deck to fulfill your expectations. You can check companies’ catalogs to find out the best design for your decking. You can add some garden accessories to enhance the look of your deck and make it look more appealing. 

Composite Decking in Melbourne

Facts about composite decking in Melbourne

Some facts about composite decking in Melbourne make it a good choice for your backyard. Let’s find out.

  1. Composite decking is of two types hollow and solid composite decking. Hollow is the light composite decking, while solid is heavy. The open decks look natural in your garden. Concrete patios are suitable for different temperatures. So you can use it anytime without any to sit and relax.
  2. Composite decking comes with a lifetime warranty though sometimes the policy differs from company to company. Mostly you get a lifetime guarantee which is not the case with other decking materials.
  3. Proper drainage under the deck is always essential to keep the material from decay and rot. The moisture control method of drainage helps the deck stay in the proper condition. 
  4. Composite decking is an environment-friendly option that protects the earth. It is a pollution-free material because it is made of recycled products.
  5. Concrete is a composite material used to build up your deck with a firm surface.
  6. The composite material is made with the help of a mold. This material is mixed with a matrix to form the final material.

Composite decking is a long-lasting material that requires less maintenance and easy care. You can keep your deck clean if you remove dust regularly. An excellent composite decking can be removed from renovation for years if minimal consideration is given.

Ways of using composite decking in Melbourne

Using a deck in your house is a great way to increase the functionality and enjoyment of your home. Decks are perfect for any home, with many different ways to use them. They are versatile and flexible, a unique feature of this decking material. Also, composite decking is lightweight, making it easier to install than other materials. In this section, we will discuss some unique ways of using composite decking in Melbourne,

Use it for outdoor furnishing.

Whenever you sit in the garden, you must plan to add some furniture that is comfortable and easy to handle. Composite decking boards can be used to make furniture on the deck to sit and relax with family. A composite deck chair and coffee table make your garden functional and perfect for gatherings. Spend time with family on the deck with a cup of coffee. You can also add garden benches attached to the deck platform where you can read books on a cozy winter afternoon.

Mini plant platform

If you love gardening, you must love growing small plants, also. Proper composite decking in Melbourne allows you to decorate your small plants in one corner of the garden. Your plants stay safe, and the garden looks beautiful with the plant’s nursery. The plants can be decorated in order on the plant deck corner. You can also add a planter on the deck to keep your mini plants.


Adding up a pergola makes your outdoor space beautiful and exclusive. With the help of composite decking, you can build the pergola, which is used for parties and gatherings. With proper roofing, your pergola becomes a shaded space where you can sit in the hot summer. Pergola can be used for grilling on a cozy winter evening. You can set up a bar corner near the pergola and throw a party for friends. The creatively designed composite decking pergola will surely impress your guests!

Composite railing

If you have a tall, tall deck, you must have a decking railing with it. The fence keeps your deck safe to use for kids and elderly members of the family. It also adds a classy touch to your decking.

Commercial decking

Composite decking is highly suitable for commercial purposes. The decks are used in hotels and bars. It enhances the interiors of your retail business. Also, you can add a deck in office spaces for meeting or lunch areas. Composite decking in commercial spaces is used because they are installed with fasteners, making them more striking.


Having a play house in the garden makes your children happy. You can quickly build a playhouse on composite decking. The playhouse is spacious and safe to use for the kids. They can call their friends and enjoy themselves in the play house in any weather. The UV protective layer of the decking board may it suitable for daytime also.


With the help of composite decking, you can build a storage facility in the garden. You can keep all your outdoor necessities in storage. This includes mats, tools, cushions, and games. You do not need to go inside the house to bring it. Storage is handy for keeping garden essentials in one place.


When you have a huge garden, you move around it to relax. You can add a composite decking pathway where you can avoid direct dust and grass and move from one corner to the other corner of the garden since composite deck boards are resistant to heat and water, so you can use the dry pathway after rain without walking directly into the garden. When you build a decking pathway, you need to ensure that unwanted substances like leaves and dust are cleaned from the surface of the path to retaining its beauty.

Composite decking pool

If you like to take baths in the swimming pool, you must install a composite decking near it. The deck allows you to set up a cozy corner near the pool where you can sunbathe and drink juices. A composite decking elevates the poolside look as it is comfortable yet classy. 

To sum up

Living in Melbourne can be an enriching experience. From its breathtaking beaches, rich cultural offerings, and incredible array of outdoor activities, you can enjoy it on a fine day.It is no wonder that so many Australians choose to call this city home. However, when it comes to outdoor living space in Melbourne, making proper use of composite decking can take your outdoor area from average to extraordinary. By following our comprehensive guide for improving your entertaining outdoor area with quality decking materials and design features, you’ll enjoy nature in the comfort of your backyard.

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How can you make proper use of composite decking in Melbourne?
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