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Decking Deep Dive: Can Composite Decking Be Submerged in Water?
Created On: May 3, 2024
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Welcome to another edition of our “Decking Deep Dive” series. Today, we address a crucial question for homeowners who are thinking about their decking options when it comes to being surrounded by water: Can composite decking be submerged in water?

Understanding the limitations of your decking materials is essential for ensuring their longevity and maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is made from a blend of wood fibres and plastics, creating a durable material that generally resists the common pitfalls of traditional wood decking, such as rot, warping, and pest infestation. It’s celebrated for its low maintenance needs and long lifespan, making it a popular choice for outdoor living spaces.

Can Composite Decking Be Submerged in Water?

The straightforward answer is no, composite decking should not be submerged in water. While composite materials are designed to handle moisture better than wood, submersion in water can lead to various problems over time.

Decking Deep Dive: Can Composite Decking Be Submerged in Water?

What are the Risks of Water Submersion for Composite Decking

Submerging composite decking in water can significantly compromise its structural integrity. Potential issues include:

  • Warping and Swelling: Continuous water exposure can cause the materials to swell and deform.
  • Compromised Integrity: Over time, water can seep into the material, leading to deterioration and weakening of the decking.
  • Aesthetic Damage: Prolonged exposure to water can stain the decking and affect its overall appearance.

Alternative Solutions for High-Moisture Environments

For areas prone to high moisture or direct contact with water, it’s advisable to consider alternative decking materials:

  • High-Moisture Composite Options: Some composites are specifically designed with higher water resistance for use near water bodies.
  • PVC Decking: PVC is a plastic material that offers superior water resistance and may be more suited for environments where water contact is unavoidable.

Maintenance Tips to Mitigate Water Damage

While WoodEvo composite decking can be used in wet climates, it’s a good idea to consider the following maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of your composite decking:

  • Proper Installation: Ensure that your decking is installed with appropriate drainage to prevent water pooling.
  • Regular Cleaning: Keep the deck clean from debris and dirt that can trap moisture.

Routine Inspections: Regularly check for signs of water damage and address them promptly to prevent further deterioration.


Choosing the Right Decking Material for Your Needs

Selecting the right decking material requires considering your specific environmental conditions and usage needs. Consult with our decking experts at WoodEvo to explore options that best meet your requirements and budget, ensuring a wise investment in your home’s outdoor space.

Decking Deep Dive: Can Composite Decking Be Submerged in Water?

Can You Use Composite Decking Around Pools?

Yes! In fact, composite decking is a popular option to be used as flooring around pools as it is slip resistant and can withstand water on it regularly. However, it’s important to note that the decking should not be submerged in pool water either. You can learn more about composite decking used around pools here.



While composite decking offers numerous benefits, submerging it in water is not advisable due to potential long-term damage. Understanding the specific needs and limitations of your decking material is key to maintaining its beauty and functionality.

For more information on suitable decking options or to discuss your specific circumstances, visit WoodEvo. We’re here to help guide you through selecting and maintaining the perfect decking for your home.

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