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Top 8 Hardwood Decking Melbourne
Created On: August 18, 2022
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This blog is going to be quite interesting. We shall find out the top 8 Hardwood Decking Melbourne.

Before we start with this, let us find out what hardwood decking is.

So, let us break the phrase hardwood decking into Hardwood and Decking for a better understanding.

Hardwood is the wood derived from trees that are strong, tall, slow growing, and usually found in tropical deciduous forests.

The deck is a plank we use to build strong elevated support attached to homes. Decking may also be done inside of the home, though that’s rare.

Hence, understanding hardwood decking is a no-brainer.

A decking that’s made from hardwood trees like oak, mahogany, maple teak, and walnut is hardwood decking, and getting Hardwood Decking Melbourne is easy, all you need is the right place to look for it and the right professionals to get the work done.

Now, that you know well what hardwood decking is, let us get to the main topic- the top 8 hardwood decking options available in Melbourne.

Treated Pine

This one looks great! It is suitable for all kinds of homes but specifically is well-suited for modern homes and period homes.

Compared to many timber options in the market, this is a relatively cheaper option for Hardwood Decking Melbourne. Hence, for homeowners who are looking to have decking on budget, this is the go-to. It is strong and goes well for outdoor and indoor decking.

Do you experience harsh weather conditions in your region? Do not despair; this tough guy won’t disappoint you!

Spotted Gum

With high heat resistance, this product qualifies as the right fit for bushfire-prone areas. Let us admit, that Australia has some critical bush-prone areas. Another unique selling point of this decking option is the beautiful color. Ranging from chocolate brown to pale brown and reddish brown, it is a delight to the eyes and merges beautifully with the outside environment. This Hardwood Decking Melbourne is what you need if you want to extend the home interiors to the outside as well.


From light to darker shades of brown, Jarrah is another great hardwood decking option that Melbourne likes to go for. It is relatively higher priced than other options available in the market. It does not disappoint as it is worth the price. It is quite durable. You must get the sealing done though!

Like spotted hum, this one too is bushfire resistant!

Next to Hardwood Decking Melbourne, we have blackbutt.

Strength and fire resistance makes this product one of the best Australian native decking options. As a follow-up process sealing is very important in all blackbutt decking. Its color, texture, and durability are suitable to attain structural unity in decking. This is a fair choice and you would not regret it!


No matter how many new options pop up in the market, Merbau will remain a popular choice among Australians. The unique selling point of this timber is that it is rot-resistant. Wood is so easily affected by weather fluctuations. Warping and insect can eventually lead to decay in wood. But not in Merbau! Since it is super strong, one can have it installed in any climate. No matter where you live, Merbau will add more usefulness to your home. Get this Hardwood Decking in Melbourne!


As the name suggests, it is strong, durable, and suitable for all kinds of climate conditions. Ironbarks fare well in areas that experience high weather fluctuations. Its deep reddish brown hue is what you need for a little warmth in harsh chilly winters. Again like Merbau, it is rot resistant. It is termite resistant as well. It doesn’t easily warp and for this reason, it is used around the pool areas.


If it is about indoor decks, this is what you need- Stringybark! Compared to all the options listed above, Stringybark has lower durability than other Hardwood Decking in Melbourne. Hence, exposing it to the environment outside will not be a good thing. The shades available are red, yellow, and sometimes whitish.

Cypress Pine

Versatile and hardy, this timber comes with knots lending the structure a rustic look. It is strong. And well suited for homes with higher footfall. Do not worry! This product is sturdy enough for a busy home. Do not forget to get it sealed. Also, get oiling done from time to time.

That was all we had for Hardwood Decking Melbourne.

Hope you have had a good read. What hardwood decking option would you like to go for?

You can also go for Timber Fencing in Melbourne in any of the above timber options. Get in touch with a professional to have the best results. Simply search Decking Timber near me and you will get a long list of good professionals. Or, go the simple way, contact WoodEvo.

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