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WoodEvo Ratings and Certifications Explained
Created On: October 24, 2023
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All WoodEvo products are made with the highest quality material, using different cutting-edge technologies so we can provide you with the best decking experience.

But don’t take our word for it. Because we have ratings and certifications to back it up. In this piece, we’re going to dive into our different certifications and explain how each rating matters for a great outdoor decking experience.

BAL 29 Protection

As you already know, many parts of Australia are prone to bushfires. This is why certain materials for home and building construction must be resistant to bushfires to prevent such disasters.

Depending on the area, the Bushfire Attack Level may vary. Some areas have a higher risk of bushfires while some are less prone to bushfires. These risk levels are called the Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL). BAL is a measure of the potential exposure of the building to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact from a bushfire.

Here’s a table summarizing the different Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) in Australia:

WoodEvo Ratings and Certifications Explained

A BAL assessment is done to establish the requirements for the construction and design of the building to improve its protection from bushfire attacks. The requirements are based on the Australian Standard AS 3959-2018 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas.

In a test conducted by AWTA Product Testing, our WoodEvo Home Advanced range is certified and approved for use in BAL 29 areas, which means it could be used in areas with a higher risk of bushfires.

If you live or are planning to build a house or commercial spaces in such areas, our WoodEvo Home Plus composite decking and wall cladding are the best materials to use.

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Fire tests for flooring materials

This is another way to test flooring materials to see how they will react to fire, such as how fast they burn, how much heat they release, and how much smoke they produce.

These tests are done to assess the fire hazard properties of the materials and to determine if they meet the building code requirements for fire safety.

One way to test how safe flooring materials are in case of a fire is by using the AS ISO 9239.1:2003 (R 2016) test, which follows international guidelines.

In this test, they use a heat source and a small flame to set the flooring material on fire. They measure two things:

  • Critical Radiant Flux – This is the minimum heat that is needed to keep the fire spreading on the material.
  • Smoke Development Rate – This measures how much smoke the material creates during the test.

They do this test for all kinds of flooring materials like carpets, wood, rubber, and plastics. They test six samples of each material, including the backing and adhesive, in a controlled environment.

The test results help decide if the material meets the fire safety requirements in the National Construction Code (NCC) 2016 Building Code of Australia (BCA) Volume 1 Specification C1.10, which is about fire safety properties.

In a test conducted by Intertek, WoodEvo’s Home Range and Home+ Range passed and no initial damage was found. This proves that our composite decking products are not a fire hazard and can be safe in case of fire.

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Anti-slip rating

Since decking materials are exposed to outside elements 24/7, especially rain, and are often placed near the pool, one quality that they must have is high anti-slip properties. This ensures that no one will get hurt in case your decking gets wet.

The higher the anti-slip rating, the better.

An anti-slip rating is a classification of the slip resistance of a surface material, based on the results of different testing methods. The anti-slip rating indicates how well the material can prevent slipping when wet or oily.

The Australian Standard AS 4586-2013 specifies four testing methods and their corresponding ratings:

Wet pendulum test method (P rating)

This test uses a pendulum device to measure the friction between a rubber slider and the surface material when it is wet. The test result is expressed as a slip resistance value (SRV) and a wet pendulum class (P0 to P5).

Oil wet inclining platform test method (R rating)

This test uses an inclined platform and a person wearing safety boots to measure the angle of inclination at which the person feels slipping when the surface material is oily. The test result is expressed as an oil-wet ramp rating (R9 to R13).

Wet barefoot inclining platform test method (A, B, C rating)

This test uses an inclined platform and a person barefoot to measure the angle of inclination at which the person feels slipping when the surface material is wet. The test result is expressed as a wet barefoot ramp rating (A, B or C).

Dry floor friction test method (D1, D2 rating)

This test uses a device that measures the horizontal force required to move a weighted sled over the surface material when it is dry. The test result is expressed as a dry floor friction rating (D1 or D2).

The anti-slip rating of a surface material can help to determine if it meets the requirements for different uses, areas and environments, as recommended by the Australian Handbook HB 198:2014.

For example, a public walkway should have a minimum P3 or R10 rating, while a commercial kitchen should have a minimum P4 or R11 rating.

If you’re wondering, our Home and Home Plus ranges both have an R11 rating as well while the Home Advanced collection has an R13 rating. We guarantee that you won’t sleep even in wet conditions. Check the test report and see it for yourself.

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And that wraps up our brief review of WoodEvo’s ratings and certifications. Check out our guides and resources if you have any more questions.

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