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5 things you must know about timber screening in Melbourne
Created On: December 29, 2022
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Setting up a natural look at home is a complex task. You need to have the knowledge of designs, decorations and accessories. When you renovate your house you must consider the garden as well. A garden is a relaxing corner of the house. Even though your garden is beautiful it needs proper finishing making it look complete. Timber screening is used for fencing, covering, and protecting the corners of the house. Timber screens are made of different woods depending on preference. You can get the best timber screening in Melbourne if you have adequate knowledge about it.  So let us get into details about timber screening


Variety of timber woods used for timber screening in Melbourne

Before you start doing timber screening in Melbourne you must know the types of wood used in making it and its impact on the area it covers. There are varieties of Timber wood that are used for timber screening in Melbourne-

Kempas: it is a strong and durable hardwood for timber screening. It is a high-quality wood with a smooth finish. Kempas has bacteria-resistant power which helps your garden to stay clean and safe.  It is also resistant to decay which means the Kempas wood does not get destroyed easily.

Teak: this is another hardwood timber that has oil content in it. The oil content in the timber makes it water resistant. The ultimate finish of the timber wood is greasy which keeps dirt away from it. Teaks come in golden brown colors which is different from other wood materials.

Pine: It is softwood used for timber screening. The texture of this wood is very beautiful as it comes in white and yellow shades. It adds a modern look to the house. It is durable material as it is pest resistant and easy to clean softwood. Even after aging pine becomes golden in color which looks very beautiful. 

Red cedar: A lightweight material used for timber screening in Melbourne for interiors of the house. The colors of this wood are reddish brown which turns slightly gray after aging. It is good for preventing sunlight from entering the house. It is the good smell that keeps your house fresh.

Spotted gum: This is a hardwood grown in Australia. The quality of the wood is hard and suited well for timber screening. It is heavily weighted timber with a smooth finish. The color ranges for this timber are light coffee brown to dark chocolate brown. If you want to add a modern touch to your garden then you must try spotted gum.

At the time of timber screening in Melbourne, you must try the best timber wood suitable for your home space. You must choose the type of timber which is affordable, durable, and requires less maintenance at the same time.  You check WoodEvo where you get ample options to try as per your requirement.


5 reasons to choose Timber screening in Melbourne


There are several uses of timber screening that can be creatively used in the house. It can be used in different corners of the house and even helps in dividing the space of the house. Timber screening in Melbourne is popular for its versatility and quality.  

Sun shading

In summer your home gets hot very easily because of the direct sunlight entering from some windows of the house. For that sun shading is very important to keep your house cool and comforting. Timber screening in Melbourne can help in preventing sun rays from direct entering your house. Timber screens balance the temperature of the house. It does not stop the natural light completely but controls the heat entering the house.

Eliminates carbon footprint

When natural materials are used for construction your home stays sustainable and environment friendly. With timber screening in Melbourne, you can keep your home pollution free and eliminate your carbon footprint also.  This helps in sustainable development in the environment. Timber screening in Melbourne also helps in minimizing waste as you can reuse it as a fire pit if it starts aging after some years.

Maintaining Privacy

Your home is a personal space and you do not want to disclose all your activities to the neighbors. It is very important to maintain privacy and that is why curtains are used and fencing is done. So with the timber screening in Melbourne, you can maintain privacy as they can be constructed in a way that covers the house from every corner.

Offers insulation

Timber screening is heat resistant. When there is a hot temperature in the environment the timber starts drying after which it becomes more solid and good for use. It retains the warmth for a long period at your house and thus it is a good insulator.  In different weather conditions, you can keep the temperature normal which saves energy.

Elevates the look

A good timber screen helps in elevating the appeal of the house. It complements the design and structure of the house if constructed creatively. You can choose the color and type of timber depending on the house’s design. Timber screening in Melbourne is a part of home construction nowadays. It is widely demanded by Australians to enhance the beauty of the house.


Is it important to maintain timber screening- finishing materials used?

When you use timber screening at your home you must use a proper finishing that protects the timber and keep it long-lasting. A good finish helps in the prevention of damages and cracks that occur after years of installing it. Usually, finishing is done when it is installed but refinishing and covering are needed to retain its quality. The different finishing options available that you may use-


To retain the shiny effect of the timber screening in Melbourne you must do proper oiling. This helps the screening to get smooth and enhances the natural color of the timber screening. It protects the timber from different temperatures and protects its poor weather conditions. Oiling also helps in keeping the slats smooth and eliminates the smell which comes in the rainy season.


Painting your timber screening in Melbourne makes it more appealing and long-lasting. When a good paint color is used your timber screening gets a vibrant look that compliments your house as well. The painting also helps to seal the damages and cracks that may occur with time. It helps in sun protection and eliminates the chances of fading on the surface. the painting also makes your timber screening attractive and elevates the overall appeal of the house.


If you want your timber screen to be waterproof then you must apply a wax coating to it. The coating helps in protecting the timber’s body and keeps it durable for a long time. Waxing also makes the timber screening shiny and appealing. The best part about waxing is that it can be coated on other finishing also.


Australians look for a natural finish to keep their house designs simple and elegant. To maintain this varnish finishing can be useful. It gives a natural look to the timber screening and makes it more resistant to moisture and heat. The surface becomes glossy and hard which is good for the timber screening to last long.


Ideas to add timber screening at home


The most common way of using Timber screening in Melbourne is using it for fencing. It guards the corners of the house with simple slats having spaces between them. Timber gives a natural look to the fencing which compliments your garden and makes it classy. If you want to customize your fencing timber screening is the best way for it. 

Sliding door

If you want to add a modern touch to the house then you must try timber screening for sliding doors. It gives a look at seaside houses with the proper deck set up around them. In winter you can get rays of sunlight in your space through sliding doors made with timber screening. it also helps in dividing spaces and rooms. Timber screening gives a royal appeal to the house.

Window covers

Maintaining the privacy of the house is the priority of every individual. so timber screening is a perfect way of making your house private and secure. You can use the timber screening to cover the widows. They have thin gaps which allow air to enter the house but also protect privacy.


Now we can say…

Timber screening is a way of using slats with thin spaces in your house to guard and cover corners of the house. It is mostly used in the garden for fencing. It adds a natural vibe to the house. Timber screening in Melbourne is beneficial because it is reliable and long-lasting. The surface of the screening is highly resistant to heat and pressure. You can maintain your timber screening by cleaning it with water sometimes. Now you can get the best timber screening from WoodEvo at an affordable rate. Our team inspects your house and gives you the best solutions to add timber screening. You can visit our page for more details. Manifest nature with WoodEvo.

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