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What exactly is Plastic Wood Floor in Melbourne?
Created On: January 18, 2022
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If you are looking for inexpensive and functional flooring then the plastic wood floor Melbourne is the right choice for you. This kind of flooring was never the choice of ‘high-end’ homeowners. However, the scenario has changed and we see that plastic-wood composite materials are now used in high-end homes as well. So, what exactly is the reason for that?

The very reason for this is that the plastic-wood floor performs better and feels better and appears better. Plastic wood flooring has many types. It can be used outside for decks and it can also be used inside the home as flooring. So, how do you think you are going to make the best use of plastic wood floor Melbourne.

Plastic wood can rightly be called a hybrid floor. It has several materials mixed in. Because several materials are mixed in they become harder. With harder materials, your floor will be long lasting. It won’t fade away under sunlight. It won’t wither away under harsh pressure. It is going to stay new as if you have got it installed, yesterday.

Benefits of Plastic Wood Floor Melbourne

Here are some of the benefits of plastic-wood materials. Let us check them one by one:

Easy to Clean

When we change anything at home, what we look for is ease and comfort. With wood-plastic flooring, this is one advantage that you are sure to get. Easy to clean surface is such a comfort. It enables relaxation as you do not have to slog to clean it up. During the pandemic, cleaning and sanitization have become important. With a smooth floor like that of wood-plastic, cleaning will be a cakewalk. Pick plastic wood floor Melbourne if easy cleaning is your priority.

Scratch Resistant

Imagine you just installed the floor and after some time, scratches start to appear. This will be a led down, for sure. As a homeowner, after spending a good sum, you would not want to have scratches popping up, out of nowhere. With wood-plastic flooring, there will be no scratch unless you force it upon the floor. People are extensively going for composite options because of this feature. You must go for Plastic Wood Floor Melbourne if keeping floors scratch-free is one thing you want out of your floor installation. Whether indoor or Outdoor Floor Melbourne, scratches are a bummer!

Best for Pets and Children

You are going to have a great time with children and pets over this flooring. Care not about spillage or pooping as it is easy to clean. It will be sparkly just in a moment. A lot of plastic wood flooring options are now coming with the anti-bacterial feature. During the pandemic ensuring the safety of kids is so important.


With all the good points, this flooring option is value for money. It does not cost much and has loads of advantages to offer. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option then this is the right flooring. Selecting timber is great but are you ready for that kind of expense? If you have not saved up much then timbers may not be within your budget. Does this mean, you should not get any flooring done at all? No, not at all! You can get the plastic wood floor Melbourne.

Warm and Welcoming

With wood-plastic, there is hardly any appearance of plastic. It looks woody and warm and is so welcoming. Going for wood-plastic flooring or composite flooring will not be a regretful decision. It will look like wood and offer advantages that are better than wood. So, who would not go for this? It is a win-win deal for you. Go for it now!

Some Problems of Plastic-Wood Flooring

Swelling and Moisture

While it is said that swelling and warping is a problem in wood, there is some amount of warping that can happen in the base of wood-plastic flooring as well. The occurrence of this in plastic wood floor Melbourne is rare. Homeowners and home experts do not cite this as a major problem. However, for the sake of transparency, a customer must be aware of everything.

Not for Bathroom

Wood-plastic is not something suitable for the bathroom. A woody look will not be a great option for bathrooms at all. A lot of people do not like to go for wooden or composite flooring in bathrooms. For the bathroom, tiles or pure marble are best. Bright flooring is good for the bathroom. Bathrooms are wet and are high-moisture areas. Hence, having a wood plastic floor is not good. Timber Flooring in Melbourne is no good either. For bathroom installations, a stone installation by far is best.

Rivals to Plastic Wood Floor Melbourne

The flooring industry is a big one and there is no single product dominating every home. There are plenty of options that one may choose from. Therefore, in this section, we shall see some of the rival flooring options for Plastic Wood Floor Melbourne.


When we discuss composite wood floor (or Wood Plastic floor), it is evident that we cannot keep timber flooring at bay. Timber is natural. Since it has been in the world ever since the world started, people have always used wood for shelter. As civilization after civilization passed, the use of wood and the technique used in treating woods also progressed. So, it is safe to say Plastic Wood Floor Melbourne is a new thing when compared to old and timeless pure wood. However, we cannot miss an important point here. As civilization progressed and industries grew, environmental damage also enhanced.

At this moment cutting down trees for timber may not be a very good option. In composite wood, all the waste material including plastic is bound together and turned into a product that can be used for a long. This will cause relatively less damage to the environment. Would you not want to contribute to the global effort in preserving the environment? If yes, then composite wood or Plastic Wood Floor Melbourne is the product you should consider going for.

Granite and Marble

Homeowners like to go for either marble or granite. Naturally sourced, these are amazing products with durability that surpasses one’s lifetime. However, for that resort-like feel in the outdoor, composite decks is what you need. If you want to merge your home with the nature outside then adding a wooden look to outdoor and indoor will aesthetically transform your home.


Just as composite wood is artificially created for the wooden look, tiles are artificially created for a marble-like look. Alternative to all other flooring mentioned above is tiles flooring. Tiles are great for bathrooms and kitchens and all other places that experience high moisture. It is not a wise pick for outdoor decks or flooring. For the inside too it is not highly recommended. However, you may go for it as it is a budget-friendly option. By the way, so is Plastic Wood Floor Melbourne for outdoor decks and floor.

For today, this is all we have to say on this topic. If you have read so far, we thank you for the time you have given to this blog. We hope some value has been added to your knowledge of floors.

Renew your home and renew your life. Most importantly, stay safe and keep your home well-sanitized.

WoodEvo wishes you good health.

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