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5 reasons why plastic decking is the perfect choice for Melbourne homeowners
Created On: January 13, 2023
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Are you looking to spruce up the exterior of your Melbourne home? Have you been considering different decking options but not sure which one is right for you? Plastic decking might just be what your search has led to. As a relatively affordable yet highly durable solution, plastic decking offers a range of potential benefits that many other materials are unable to. Below we’ll discuss why it’s ideal to choose plastic decking in Melbourne.

We are going to go in details about its superior strength, easy installation process and low maintenance requirements, there are plenty reasons why opting for plastic can help transform the appearance of any given property. Now you do not need to make plans outside you can have a cool poolside party with your friends with plastic decking in your garden. Let’s take a closer look at five benefits provided by this versatile material!


Plastic decking

As we are talking about plastic decking we must know about it in detail. Plastic decking is a man-made material that has smooth finishing and low maintenance. It is known as a good alternative to timber. The best part about this decking method is that it gives a natural look like wood. This is because plastic decking is made of recycled plastics and wood fibers. It is one of the best environmentally friendly options available to you for your decking.

Do you know that plastic decking in Melbourne is highly resistant and durable? This is because it is suitable under heat, moisture, and pressure. If plastic decking is maintained with basic cleaning methods it can last long. There are different designs and textures of plastic decking available which you can choose to install in your space.


Use of plastic decking in Melbourne

As mentioned a plastic deck is quite beneficial if it is used correctly and maintained properly. Do you know some uses of plastic decks that can make your house more functional? Let’s discuss this section-


The most common use of plastic decking is that it can be used for sitting and relaxing. You can set up a plastic decking in the garden area and spend time with family and friends. This area may include grilling where you can cook and sit with your close ones. The sitting area of the garden can be decorated with wooden furniture to complete the look of the plastic decking. Now enjoy your comfort with high-quality plastic decking in Melbourne.


Are you planning to add a bar top in your garden? Not to worry you can now add a plastic decking as a bar top to have an entertaining evening at your space. invite all your friends and sit in the bar and have fun. You can organize all your beverages together with a creatively designed bar top with plastic decking. 

Play area

Kids always tend to fall in the garden because of wet grass so why not make a separate play area for them? You can easily do that by adding a plastic decking as a play area for them. The plastic deck setup is easy to maintain and kids are much safer playing on it. The plastic deck is constructed in a way so that its surface remains damage free despite heavy use like jumping and running.


How can you easily maintain plastic decking?

The maintenance process of plastic decking is not that complex if you keep using some basic steps in a day to day life.

Timely renovation

The first step you need to take is renovating your deck with the help of experts at least once a year. You can always contact deck builders and go for an inspection. This should be done especially after poor weather patterns. If you find damages and cracks you should renovate it immediately before the damages increase. A timely renovation keeps your deck in a good condition for a long period. Also, renovation is a way of repairing your old deck.

Use mild cleaning soaps

Cleaning the surface of the plastic decking in Melbourne is very important. Due to close contact with moisture and dust the surface of the deck starts deteriorating. In such situations, the quality of the material starts getting affected. So use mild soaps to clean the surface so that stains can be removed immediately and there is no further chance of damage. This also helps in avoiding mold and mildew. Calcium chloride can be very useful in making the surface clean but you need to limit the quantity you use otherwise the surface starts fading.


Wiping can be a great way of cleaning the substances deposited on the surface of the plastic deck. You can clean using plain water to wipe out dust, snow, or leaves from the deck. This keeps the surface dry and clean. A pressure washing method can be used to clean the thick layer of dust which cannot be removed easily.

Deck materials

When you clean a deck the most important thing you can focus on is the materials you use to clean. There is separate deck cleaner equipment available that you can use to keep your deck more durable. This includes a decking brush which helps in scrubbing on the surface. Cleaning equipment is much better than ordinary brushes as the surface remains smooth despite rubbing the brush on the surface.


7 reasons you must choose a plastic decking

Suitable in all weather

Plastic decking is an eco-friendly decking material that has a strong surface suitable for all weather types. It can absorb heat, moisture, and pressure very easily. The durability of the material keeps it safe from the water and pests deposited on its surface. On rainy days some insects may build their nest on the deck which affects the material but in the case of composite decking, the material is eliminated. Similarly, in winters and summers, it pushes back the weather condition away from the surface and acts like a protective shield for the main material


A deck is a multipurpose material as it can be used in various ways. You can use it for cooking as well as for sitting and relaxing. A deck is best to spend a warm winter afternoon with family. Children can do activities like painting and sketching by sitting on the deck in cozy evenings. The quality of the material makes it more reliable for multi-purpose use.

Splinter free

Due to continuous water absorption, the deck material starts deteriorating and damage starts to appear. You can see cracks and scratches on the body of the deck because of a similar reason. In the case of the plastic deck such issues are eliminated as it is a splint-free material. It eliminates the effect of water and keeps your deck in a good condition for years


Cost is the main factor one focuses on at the time of installing a deck. Usually, wooden decks are costly but they are not reliable because of the natural material. On the contrary plastic, decking is cost-effective because of its quality, fade-proof effect, and resistance power it has. It is worth buying because you get a long-term benefit from it.

Upgrades lifestyle

Having a plastic decking in Melbourne adds value to your house. It is because of the textures and styles you get along with decking. There are some colors and designs available that you can choose before installing them at home. It elevates the exterior setup of your house and makes it look classy but natural. Also, the material is environmentally friendly so it is safe for the environment. If you are planning to renovate your garden with something striking then you must choose plastic decking in Melbourne.


The warranty stands as a trust between the customer and the seller that the product is reliable and it can be changed if it stops working within the time frame promised by the seller. Plastic decking has a warranty of about 20 years which makes it a must-buy among Australians. The written document includes the entire important clause which gives you the benefit of claiming the warranty in case of any issues. The warranty terms vary from company to company. 


Let’s sum up

If you’re considering decking for your outdoor space in Melbourne, WoodEvo is the go-to company. We have years of experience in the industry and can provide you with high-quality sustainable plastic decking that will last for many years to come. Decking is gaining popularity in Melbourne because of its features and functionality. With proper decking, you can always make your garden space more useful and enjoy a good time with close ones. Plastic decking is something you must choose over wooden decks. This is because plastic decks are sustainable and they are durable.

Plastic decking is easy to maintain and an excellent choice if you want to renovate your outdoor setup without replacing or repairing your decking every few years. This is because plastic decks are sustainable and they are durable. You can use plastic decks for sitting and relaxing while keeping your garden unchanged. Contact us today for more information or to get started on your project!

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