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Owen is the director here at WoodEvo and has a passion for providing high quality composite decking products that can be used to transform any Australian home into an ideal oasis. With more than 15 years in the decking industry and a tradie background, Owen is your go-to guy when it comes to composite decking and creating innovative outdoor spaces. Got a question about this article or WoodEvo’s range of composite decking products?

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Is Merbau Decking in Melbourne a good idea? Know 5 facts about Merbau decking here
Created On: December 17, 2021
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Merbau Decking Melbourne- A home with a deck looks warm and welcoming. As a homeowner, you would love your home to have that appeal. Decks are useful as well as decorative. It provides an instant facelift to houses at the same time it provides advantages like extra space. If you are looking to have a deck built for yourself then you must have the right and expert professionals to guide you through and have the best deck built for you, the one that fits well and suits the ambience of your home. Since we are talking about decks, let us also discuss Merbau Decking in Melbourne. When we talk about decks, it is not possible to not talk about Merbau decks. Do you know everything about it? Or are you hearing the name for the first time? If this is completely new for you then we haveall the right information on Merbau decking here for you:

Merbau Decking Melbourne- One of the hardest decks

Deck calls for strength. If decks are not made from sturdy materials then they may wither away or even collapse. You would not want to face than ever! So, choose wisely right from the very beginning. Choose Merbau decks! It is hard and sturdy and is going to last for ages. It will be a wise choice on your part. If there is one quality that all Merbau Decking suppliers will assure you of, it is sturdiness. It is a notable Featured Decking in Melbourne

Easy to Cut and Fasten

Talking further about Merbau Decking Melbourne, we all know that working with wood could be a difficult job and some woods are had to work with. In that place if you consider Merbau, it is going to be a lot easier to cut and fasten. Easy to work with does not mean it is weak or won’t provide the required strength. It is well suited for decks and it is used in decking not just in Australia but in many parts of the world.


With Merbau, there is no need for extra treatment at the log factories. Merbau Decking Melbourne has an inbuilt strength. It has natural oils that provide strength and also give it a fine texture. Merbau is loved by homeowners for its texture and beautiful colour. Hence, this property makes Merbau durable, without the need for man-made external effort.

Bushfire Resistant

There are many regions in Australia where bushfire is a common phenomenon. It is difficult to cope with this issue as the cause of it is a natural disaster (mostly). However, as human beings what we can do is make sure to use minimal wood and when we use wood we must use those woods or artificial wood that are bushfire resistant and Merbau is a great option here. It does not catch bushfire and your family can rest be assured of such calamities. Get Merbau Decking Melbourne!

So, it is safe to conclude that if you are looking to have a deck built then Merbau is best.

Is Composite Decking recommended by experts?

What about composite decking materials? The industry for composite decking is no small one and the demand is increasing. There is an equal market for composite decks as it is for natural timber decks.

When it comes to appearance, let us tell you that composite decking looks great and you will not be disappointed on choosing it. There was a time when composite decking looked artificial and people didn’t go for it unless the budget was low. But now the case is different. The industry has revolutionized this product and now people love to have composite decking. Often, people are not able to tell the difference as composite decks look as good as decks made from natural timbers. By any chance, if you cannot go for a natural timber then you may go for a composite option.

Moisture Resistant

Composite decks are not made from 100% wood and the biggest advantage that one enjoys because of this is that it is moisture-resistant. There is no problem of warping as it won’t absorb moisture at all.

Little Maintenance

It is a relief for homeowners to realize that little maintenance is required to maintain composite decks. If you go for Merbau Decking Melbourne, there are endless advantages and beauty to be offered but as a responsible person, you will have to make sure it stays in good condition. This will require a bit of care and a slight expense.

How WoodEvo is changing homes?

WoodEvo is not just a decking material. It is the shortest and the most reliable way to reach perfection. All WoodEvo decking materials are protected with Evoshield. This adds strength to the decks. With a combination of WoodEvo and Evoshield, your decks will withstand the test of time and stay new with each passing year.

Few advantages our customers enjoy with WoodEvo:

Scratch Resistant

WoodEvo won’t easily get scratched. This enables it to look new for long.

Long-Lasting Colour

Decks are exposed to sunlight. This causes loss of colour. The result is a faded deck spoiling the whole look of your home. With WoodEvo materials this won’t happen.

Temperature Resistant

Like sunlight, decks also have to deal with fluctuating temperatures. Weather change alters temperature radically. This could be harsh on ordinary decks. However, if you choose WoodEvo, it won’t wither away in harsh temperatures.

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