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How Composite Decking Saves You Money in the Long Run – Part Two
Created On: June 28, 2024
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If you’re thinking about a decking project and you’re not sure about the right material to use, then this article is for you. We’re talking about how composite decking saves you money in the long run.

This is part of this topic, in the first part, we talked about upfront costs and long term savings, as well as the maintenance factors of decks, and in this part, we’re going to talk about installation and the quality of materials.

If you want to start with part one – check it out here – otherwise, let’s dive into how easy it is to install composite decks.

Another important consideration when choosing decking materials is the installation process. Composite decking offers several advantages that make it easier and more cost-effective to install compared to traditional wood decking.

Simplified Installation Process

Composite decking boards are designed for ease of installation. At WoodEvo, our composite boards come with locking clips that are used to fasten the boards down, which helps to streamline the installation process. Once you know how you’re going to lay out your deck, we recommend that you pre-drill into fascia boards. This can significantly reduce the time and labour costs associated with building your deck.

Traditional wood decking, on the other hand, typically requires more cutting, fitting, and securing, which can be labour-intensive and time-consuming.

Consistent Quality and Dimensions

Composite decking boards are manufactured to consistent standards, ensuring uniform size and quality. This consistency makes it easier to work with composite materials, as you don’t have to deal with the natural variations in size, shape, and quality that are common with wood decking. The precision and uniformity of composite boards reduce the need for adjustments and corrections during installation, speeding up the process and reducing labour costs.

How Composite Decking Saves You Money in the Long Run - Part Two

Fewer Specialised Tools Needed

Installing composite decking usually requires fewer specialised tools compared to wood decking.

The ease of working with composite materials means that even DIY enthusiasts can successfully install a composite deck with standard tools.

This accessibility can save homeowners money on hiring professional installers or purchasing specialised equipment.

Reduced Waste

The precision and uniformity of composite decking boards often results in less waste during the installation process.

With traditional wood decking, natural imperfections and variations can lead to significant waste as boards are cut and trimmed to fit.

Composite decking’s consistent quality minimises waste, making the installation process more efficient and cost-effective.

Enhanced Durability During Installation

Composite decking is less prone to damage during installation compared to wood decking.

Traditional wood can crack, splinter, or warp during handling and installation, leading to additional costs for replacements and repairs. Composite boards are more durable and resistant to these issues, ensuring a smoother installation process and reducing the likelihood of extra expenses.

By choosing composite decking, homeowners can enjoy a smoother, faster, and more cost-effective installation process.

How Composite Decking Saves You Money in the Long Run - Part Two

Importance of Quality in Composite Decking

When selecting decking materials, it’s crucial to consider the quality of the composite decking you choose. Not all composite decking is created equal, and opting for high-quality composite decking ensures you maximise the benefits and longevity of your deck.

Avoiding Low-Quality Materials

We all love a good bargain, but when it comes to decking, cutting corners can lead to more headaches down the line.

Low-quality composite materials can warp, fade, and compromise the structural integrity of your deck. These cheaper products might seem like a steal at first, but they often require more maintenance and need to be replaced sooner, eating away at any initial savings.

Investing in high-quality composite decking from the get-go means your deck will stay durable and attractive for years to come, saving you time and money in the long run.

Enhanced Durability and Performance

High-quality composite decking is built to take a beating.

Whether you’re a tradie or a DIY enthusiast, you need materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic.

These decks resist the common issues that plague traditional wood decks, like splintering, rotting, and insect damage. By choosing superior composite materials, you ensure your deck stays strong and looks great with minimal maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space.

Aesthetic Appeal

Let’s face it, looks matter.

Quality composite decking offers a refined and consistent appearance that cheaper alternatives just can’t match.

High-quality composite decking features a subtle wood grain finish that adds a natural touch to your deck, without the hassle that comes with real timber. This high-quality finish not only makes your deck a standout feature but also ensures it stays that way, enhancing the overall look of your outdoor area.

Is composite decking cheaper than wood?

So, back to our original question – the answer is, yes – in the long run.

Sure, high-quality composite decking might cost a bit more upfront, but think of it as an investment.

The durability and low maintenance requirements of premium composite materials mean fewer repairs and replacements over the life of your deck. This translates to lower overall costs and a better return on your investment. For tradies and DIYers looking to get the most bang for their buck, high-quality composite decking is a smart choice that pays off in the long run.

By choosing high-quality composite decking, you ensure that your deck is a durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. The long-term benefits of superior materials far outweigh the initial investment, making it a smart and cost-effective choice for any decking project.

Do you want high quality composite decking?

When it comes to building a deck, the choice of materials can significantly impact your long-term costs and maintenance efforts. Composite decking stands out as a smart investment, offering substantial savings and numerous benefits over traditional wood decking.

So, if you’re looking for composite decking brands that offer high quality modern composite decking that won’t break the bank or the deck you’ve built, choose WoodEvo.

At WoodEvo, we offer a range of composite decking options designed to meet your needs. To see our higher quality composite materials for yourself, visit our showroom or request a sample here. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect decking solution for your home.

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