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A complete guide to building Eco deck in Melbourne
Created On: January 25, 2023
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Eco deck is quickly becoming the go-to option for Melbourne residents looking to upgrade their outdoor spaces. With a focus on environmental sustainability and long-lasting durability, Eco deck provides an unbeatable combination of premium quality materials with stylish appeal that will surely impress your guests at any family gathering or party.

In this blog post we’ll explore various methods for building and installing an Eco deck in order to ensure its prolonged life without damage. We will highlight some amazing designs that can elevate the overall look of the house with Eco deck in Melbourne.


How is the Eco deck in Melbourne made?

A deck is now an essential part of your outdoor space. It makes your backyard more functional and practical. Eco deck is one of the most demanded decks in Melbourne because of its quality, but do you know what it is made up of? An Eco deck is composed of reclaimed timber which includes softwoods and hardwoods with recycled plastic. The hardwood and softwood are ground to a fine flour, then used for the deck. It is a sustainable option, including waste plastics like plastic bags and bottles.


Benefits of Eco deck

There are some significant benefits of Eco decking, making it a perfect choice for your space. Let us discuss this in detail.


When it comes to resistance, nothing can beat Eco deck in Melbourne. The quality of the material makes it suitable for heat, pressure, and moisture. You can keep it in use in all weathers as the surface acts as a protective shield against UV radiations, stormy rains, and cold winds. 


Durability is the key benefit you get from Eco deck in Melbourne. The material is mindfully built to avoid damage after everyday movement on it. Everyone can enjoy spending time on the deck doing activities, from your kids to your pets. The deck’s surface is so firm that continuous running and jumping of pets and kids cannot harm the material.

Bold appeal

While installing a deck, you must look for the final appeal and touch it adds to your backyard. An Eco deck is perfectly built for outdoor activities, so it adds beauty and modernity. You can make several uses of the decks to make your daily life easy. This includes swimming pool areas, a juice corner, a small nursery, and more. You can get a presentable garden with quality Eco deck in Melbourne.


Steps of installing Eco decks

When you decide to add a deck to your garden, you must be aware of installing it. A good deck builder helps you install Eco decks properly, but there are some methods you must guide and follow when an Eco deck is built in your space. 


Before you start your construction work for installing an Eco deck, you must take proper permission to avoid complaints and charges. You must contact the resident authorities to take the permit letter to start the construction work. there are different rules and obligations of every society for construction work which you may know about. The inspection officer can guide you about the terms of the construction to get permission. Always share the blueprint of your construction work with the authorities.

Materials and tools

Once you get the permission, the next step is to get the rights materials and tools for Eco deck in Melbourne. This includes a digger, wheelbarrow, saw, hammers, nails, tapes, and respiration masks. Apart from the essential tools, you just need some materials which make your Eco deck solid and reliable. This includes a joist hanger, concrete mix, fasteners, washers, and screws. Every material and tool is necessary to get the best decking results in your space.


Now that you have the required materials, laborers can start building the deck. Always be present at the construction area to guide the laborers and check the progress. All materials should be utilized correctly. You must keep an eye on the work to avoid future renovations. Give your opinions to the carpenters designing the deck to get the correct setup.

Share your designs for your deck and tell your labor about the purpose behind building the Eco deck in Melbourne. Install the ledger properly to get the best structure. Always add posts for better support of the ledger. Ask for the correct measurements of the deck before the construction is done so that your decking cost in Melbourne is effective and no extra money is given.

Check for construction variations.

If you believe the construction work needs some variations, you must guide the deck builders about it. For instance, if the garden platform is uneven, inform the laborers about it before they start working on the deck. Remove grasses and unwanted shrubs to keep the area clean for decks. You can always make changes to the garden surface while building a deck. If the laborers find stones and pebbles in the decking area, guide them to remove them.


Precautions you must take while installing the deck

Since the process of installing Eco decking is vast, there are some safety measures you need to take to keep the deck in good condition and avoid accidents-

  • Always check the foundation before installing a deck so that the deck is installed in the correct area. This also helps keep the structure of the deck stable in all weather.
  • Check the fasteners and nails before you start using them. An inspection of the deck is essential to avoid future accidents like the breaking of the deck due to heavy use.
  • Do not use the deck right after the construction. Clean the deck’s surface with the remaining tools and give some time to get the base strong.
  • Always guide the laborer to wear safety gear while installing the deck
  • Keep family members away from the construction site at the time of installation
  • Guide about the safety regulations when the deck is installed.
  • Do not use the deck right after the construction. Clean the deck’s surface with the remaining tools and give some time to get the base strong.
  • Always keep an expert near the construction site to avoid accidents. The expert helps you to take safety measures.


Some good Eco decking designs you must try.

Some amazing Eco deck designs can elevate the appeal of your outdoor space and make it more practical for families. Here are some designs you can use to design your deck-

Open dining

If you like eating in the open air to get the touch of nature, you can build an outdoor dining space with Eco deck in Melbourne. The space includes a small kitchen setup with cooking essentials and dining furniture. Sit with your family on a cozy winter evening with a fire pit near the deck and enjoy delicious food!

Relaxing corner

Do you know your garden is the best place to relax? You can take sunbathe in the garden with an Eco deck. Set up a relaxing corner in the garden and add sleeping chairs on the deck. Sit under the sun and just spend sunny winter mornings with family. You can also exercise on the deck under the sun to get good energy if you start your day.

Deck rooftop

A good decking roof in the house makes your outer space comfortable for the family. If you add a decked rooftop in your house, you can sit and take a good view around your home. You can plan weekend parties and gatherings on the rooftop and spend quality time with your friends. An Eco deck gives you the added benefit of weather resistance. It stays strong and damage free in all weather.

Plant hub

If you would like to build a separate corner for small plants in the garden, then Eco deck in Melbourne is perfect. You can create a small plant hub where you can decorate all your small plants and make them an attractive corner of the house. Maintaining the tiny plants and keeping them safe from direct sunlight and water is easy. You can build small decking compartments where you can place the plants properly.


What we can offer

Now that you know about Eco decking and the technique to install it at home, you must hire the best deck builders for your backyard. WoodEvo gives you quality services at a reasonable price. We are offering you various decking options suitable for your garden space. Our team first inspects the area where you are planning to install the deck and then gives you an estimation of the same. You can ask for expert opinions to get the best designs installed in your garden.

Our customer base is strong because we serve to the best of our ability. You can check the website and see our range of services. We are working with the best suppliers to give you quality material that uplifts the value of your house. Contact now!

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