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Some Amazing Trends of decking in Essendon
Created On: February 23, 2023
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Decking has become an important part of Australian residence because of the functionality it adds to your space. Recently, many new decking trends have been shown in the market. Each trend can completely change the appeal of your backyard. The latest trend also includes a variety of designs and patterns on the deck, making it a central attraction of the house.


Why is decking in Essendon suitable?

Essendon is a suburb of Melbourne famous for its exclusive lifestyle and scenic beauty. It is known as one of the best football clubs in Australia. The place is simple and quiet, making it a good location for homeowners. A decking completely suits the residential properties of Essendon. With large spacious houses, a deck makes the house’s backyard useful. You can have a good time with your family in the garden with proper furniture to sit and relax.

A deck also makes Essendon houses more appealing and well-constructed. It is because a deck makes the backside of the house functional giving it an exclusive look. You can easily impress your neighbors with some amazing decking designs in your house. So if you plan to add decking in Essendon, you must choose the best deck builders.


Some amazing trends of decking in Essendon  

Sleek design

Having a sleek design on your deck makes it stand different from others. While building a deck, you must select some quirky designs that can uplift the value of your backyard. Many luxurious designs give a fresh look to the deck. These designs can be creative patterns like triangles and semi-circles in a row on the deck. You can also add a picture frame on the deck to make it safer. These boards make the edges of the decking easily visible. If you like a central design on the deck, you can go for deck inlays. They provide a unique appeal to the deck.

Creatively build railings

Railings are very important to guard are edges of decking in Essendon. Kids and elderly members can move freely with a proper deck railing covering the corners completely. There are different types of railings designs available that can complement your deck. You can add several designs of railings like cable, craftsman, and glass panels. You can choose the type suiting your backyard space and the house’s structure. All these railings are currently trending with decking designs.

Green setup

Do you love the greenery around you? Then you can design your deck with small plants and flowers. Choose some of the corners of a deck and decorate it with plants. If you have pillars attached to your decking in Essendon, you can add some hanging plant pots. The latest decking trends in Essendon include greenery to promote an eco-friendly environment with a classy appeal. You can also grow grasses around the deck if your deck is attached to the ground. It gives a natural finish to the deck and retains a positive atmosphere. 

Regional color tones

Having ordinary color in your deck can make your garden look ordinary. So, you can add some regional color to brighten up the structure. You can choose a combination of grey deck color with black railings. Regional colors make your deck look extraordinary. You can organize some decking furniture to match the deck and give it an extraordinary look.


To end with

Now you know about the latest trends for decking in Essendon, and you must select a good builder with years of experience. WoodEvo offers you quality service with a variety of decking designs and materials. Contact us today and get your queries resolved.

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