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How to resolve Common problems of decking in Dandenong?
Created On: February 23, 2023
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Decking is one of the essential parts of the house. With decking, your garden becomes functional and appealing. Decking is used in various ways, like poor areas, fire pit, meeting spots and bar areas. When you install a deck, you need to select the design and material based on the purpose behind building it. Deck building is not an easy process; you may face issues with decking in Dandenong before or after installing it. In this blog post, we will discuss some common decking problems and techniques to resolve them.


Some common problems with decking in Dandenong

Dandenong is a famous place for food lovers and wanderers, as there are various food joints and shopping locations. The facilities of this area make it more demanding among home buyers. Having a deck in the houses of Dandenong is a common thing. But, some problems may occur when you install a deck-


Due to sunlight, sometimes the deck’s surface starts fading, making it look dull. In such cases, the entire appeal of the deck gets poor. Decking needs attention in harsh climates, whether resistant or durable.

Decay and rot

If your deck is exposed to water frequently, the material starts getting affected. Soon the boards start smelling and decaying. When the decking in Dandenong has decayed, the chances of accidents increase.


If your decking material has moisture, it starts shrinking with time. Eventually, the gaps start coming in between the decking boards. This gaping can be risky for elderly members and kids in your house.

Structural problem

If the deck is not installed correctly, then the base of the structure stays weak. If that deck is used regularly then due to heavy traffic it starts damaging easily. Structural issues, if not resolved on time can lead to more significant accidents.


Some ways to resolve your decking problems

Now that you know some of the common issues related to decking, you may find it risky to install. But it is not true. A decking in Dandenong is installed and maintained easily if some of these tips are followed-

Paint and sealing

If you discover that your decking is fading due to direct exposure to sun and rain, then you can paint it. The paint on the deck’s surface makes it safe and more resistant. You can keep your deck in good condition for years with timely painting. A sealed deck is also fade-proof because the surface is coated properly. It is better to seal your deck properly at the time of installation.

Use filler

A decking gap can be very risky for family members, but you can avoid it easily with fillers. Fillers help in filling the gap, making it safe for foot traffic. If you see the condition worsening, a proper renovation is required.

Decking preserver

A deck starts decaying if it is not maintained properly, and to avoid such situations, proper cleaning with mild detergents is required. A decking tape is quite useful as it covers the edges of the deck, making it safe from rot and decay.

Inspect to check the structure.

The structural issue can cause major damage in future which is not reversible sometimes. Thus proper inspection of the deck is required. Always hire an expert team who does not install but cross-check the tools and equipment used to build the deck. If you fix your nails and joists properly, the structure stays steady for years.


Final words

At WoodEvo, you get the best quality decking at an affordable cost. We are operating in all the suburbs near Melbourne. You can visit us and check our previous work. We understand the issues related to decking, so we provide you with highly skilled professionals to design efficiently.

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