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6 significant costs associated with Decking in Melbourne
Created On: January 25, 2023
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Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor space with a beautiful new deck? If you stay near Melbourne, have you considered the cost of decking for your project? Deck installation is an investment that can add significant monetary and aesthetic value to your property. Still, it’s essential to understand the expenses associated with that kind of improvement. There is number of costs associated with decking in Melbourne.

You must know about cost management when you build a deck. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at decking cost in Melbourne on average for wood or composite decking and discuss other associated factors that could affect pricing. Read on to learn more about how much it will cost you to get the perfect backyard!


How deck complements your house?

A deck is a flat platform used in the garden’s backyards to increase your space’s functionality and make it more comfortable. When you add a deck to the house, your backyard becomes useful for many activities. Apart from garden decks, other uses of decks make your home aesthetic and classy. Some of the significant uses of decks are-


Are you bored with the old traditional flooring in the house? You can now try deck floors to enhance the appeal of your home interiors and add exclusivity. Deck floors give you a natural vibe in the place and cut down your maintenance cost. You can decorate your deck floors with wooden furniture and complement them with featured walls. The deck floors are smooth but slip resistant. The surface is safe for heavy daily usage.


A deck can be used as a staircase in the house that looks elegant and dramatic. The staircases look stunning, and it makes your everyday movement safe. Even if your children are running on the stairs it is entirely safe because the grip of the decking surface is strong and damage free. You can clean the staircase thrice a week with mild soap and mob. You can transform the whole look of the house with the use of decking. You can get good results with reasonable decking cost in Melbourne.

Deck bench

Benches are pretty famous for setting up family meetings in the evening after work. With a deck bench, you can get a more spacious and cosy option in your house to sit and relax with your family. A deck bench comes in different sizes, so you can build it as you need. You can also add small coffee tables near the bench to complement it. Deck furniture makes your home simple yet attractive. There are different furnishing options available with deck material which you can try. Now get the best decking cost in Melbourne with quality deck builders.


Things associated with the decking cost in Melbourne

Material cost

When you plan to renovate your outdoor space, the material you choose for your decking is the main cost incurred. Different materials are available in the market from which you need to select the one suitable for you. The material cost is dependent on durability, resistance and adaptability. The most cost-effective material is composite decking in Melbourne, made with recycled plastic and wood fibres. When you choose a material, you must also decide the features you require in your deck because the decking cost in Melbourne depends on the material also. You can get good designs at reasonable cost if you choose the right deck builder for yourself.

Labor cost

When you are building a deck, you need skilled professionals to do your work. Labour knows about the basic requirements of construction work as they have experience working on different projects. They guide you in buying the necessary equipment and materials to build a deck. They construct your deck per your choice, so they charge a cost for handling the project. The labour cost depends on the construction area, the design’s complexity and the time needed for decking construction.

Cost of added parts of the deck

A deck is incomplete without the critical parts that stand as a decking pillar. These parts include railings, fencing and drainage system. It adds more facility to the deck and makes it easily manageable. You can do various activities, including cooking, playing and exercising on the deck. A good supportive part of the decking in Melbourne keeps it in the proper condition even after daily routine. The parts make your decking cost in Melbourne valid as they add functionality to it.

Designing cost of the deck

Building a deck is not easy; you need to make vital decisions before starting construction work. The design of the deck is one of the decisions you make. The amount of material and the area depend entirely on the design and purpose of the decking. You must select a design which gives you facility with a striking appeal. The contractor charges separately for designing and planning the deck before building it. This charge varies depending on the decking cost in Melbourne. An expert opinion is taken to make a good deck with the right design, so your contractor might charge for the arrangements before the installation.


Things you must do before investing in a deck.

Adding up a deck in your space should not be a quick decision rather you must know when and how to buy a deck so that you get a return on investment.

Market research: When buying a deck, you must check the market conditions and the demand for decking materials. The proper market research gives you enough knowledge about decks and deck builders. Your decking cost in Melbourne can be saved if you also do the proper market analysis and take advice. You can visit digital; platforms to check about deck builders currently operating in your area. Once you shortlist, you can compare the work experience, company policy and services each deck builder provides to you. During the market research, you can also look for customer reviews of previous projects done by each company. The good market research gives you keen knowledge about decking cost in Melbourne.

Styling: You must look for some amazing styles to build a deck and make it the central attraction of your space. When choosing the styles, you must compare the price and then choose an innovative yet reasonable style. You can always tell your contractor to bring some good styling options at a reasonable price. Check some deck-building catalogues to select a design with the right price. 

Budget: you need to make a proper budget before you start your project. This includes creating a list of materials required and their expenses. You need to cut down your expenses in case unnecessary materials are added to the list. A budget gives you a rough idea of your total investment in the decking. You can also share the budget with your contractor and take his opinion. As contractors are more experienced in these works, they can share other costs added or deducted from the budget list. This process helps you save money and invest mindfully.

Licensed contractor: If you get the right material and cost for deck building, the next important thing is to check the license of the contractor you are hiring to get right decking cost in Melbourne. A licensed contractor is not only experienced, but also they are legal. You can completely rely on a licensed contractor. If you want to get a safe deck builder for construction, you must check the contractor’s license. If the contractor denies presenting his license, you should look for someone else. This is because a contractor without a license cannot deliver quality service and may ruin the decking specifications you share.



Whether renovating an existing outdoor space or starting from scratch, a new deck can be a great way to improve your home’s value and create additional living space for you and your family to enjoy. When budgeting for such a project, it’s important to consider all the costs involved to get an accurate estimate. In general, wood decking is more affordable than composite options, but both will provide years of enjoyment with proper care and maintenance. Be sure to also factor in the installation cost when determining your overall budget, as this will significantly impact the project’s total cost.

WoodEvo allows you to get the best quality decking cost in Melbourne. With us, you can share your budget and estimation of completing the project, and we will make your opinions count on our work. We have a huge team of professionals who can guide you to get cost-effective services and desired results from decking. We have various types of decking material available you can check each price and compare it with your budget. Contact us for any queries.

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