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Everything you must know about Decking in Ashburton
Created On: February 8, 2023
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Are you looking to build an outdoor deck in the Ashburton area of Australia? Whether you’re building a brand new structure or replacing and updating an existing one, many factors come into play. From choosing the right materials to understanding local regulations, this is important information about decking in Ashburton that you need to know before proceeding with your project. With careful planning and consideration of all aspects, you can achieve beautiful results that will last for years.


Types of decking in Ashburton

There are different types of decking material available in the markets of Australia. You always get the option to choose from various decking styles, designs, and structures. For a place like Ashburton, there is different decking suitable-

Timber decking

Timber decking is the perfect way to finish a garden, patio, or outdoor space. It gives a natural finish that complements any surroundings and is also very strong, meaning it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, timber decking is resistant to rot and decay, making it a long-lasting investment.

Eco decking

If you are looking for a sustainable option, then eco decking is the right choice. It is made with recycled wood fiber giving your space an environment-friendly material. You can eliminate environmental pollution with the material used in eco-decking. Also, Eco decking lasts longer than another decking in Ashburton.

PVC decking

Looking for a reasonable decking in Ashburton? PVC decking is the right choice for you. It is one of the most affordable options made with plastic. If you want to add modernity to your space, PVC decking offers you a variety of colors and designs.


What steps do you need to follow before start building your deck?

We all are aware that construction activities in Australia require legal permission. The permission grants you the right to do your work by taking consent from the local authorities. There are some basic steps you need to take for deck projects-

  • Australia has a building code that must be followed during any construction activity. These codes are rules important for safety construction. 
  • The next steps are to take approval from the area’s local council so that your residence is aware of the construction activity.
  • Once you receive the legal document of permission, you can start your work following the regulations shared by your council, if any.
  • Informing your neighbors is not mandatory, but letting them know about the construction work is ethical because they might face disturbance.
  • Always look for a licensed contractor who has years of experience in decking in Ashburton so that you get safe construction.


How to maintain your deck after construction?

Once the construction is done, you must ensure that the deck is maintained properly. The initial days after construction are a bit risky because the base of the deck is fresh. There are some ways you can maintain your deck after it is built.Stay from the deck for some days. Yes, you heard it right! You should not start using your decking immediately after the construction is done because the paint and layering are fresh, and it takes some time to dry.

Once you start using the decking in Ashburton, clean it regularly to avoid dust and moisture. You can do basic cleaning by sweeping and wiping the deck with plain water. Avoid spills and stains as much as possible to retain their beauty for a long time.


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