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Why composite decking pricing is Essential in Melbourne: A Guide to Building the Perfect Outdoor Space at a reasonable price
Created On: January 20, 2023
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Are you looking for a way to add value and comfort to your outdoor living space? The answer is composite decking. This durable, low-maintenance material is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners in Melbourne who want an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective solution to their outdoor entertainment needs. While the material can be expensive, it’s important to understand exactly how pricing works so you can get the best deal possible on composite decking pricing in Melbourne.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything from understanding the materials used in constructing modern composite decks to assessing different price points. With the blog post we will try to help you decide what’s right for you based on your budget and style preferences.


Various composite decking varieties in Melbourne

Before we know the pricing mechanism, we must understand the various composite decking options available and their impact on the pricing of the material. In this section, we are mentioning the structure of composite decking-

Finish: It is very important to look for a deck that has a smooth finish so that you get a natural look in your space. You can choose a natural finish composite decking to get the wooden touch in your deck and make it more suitable for your backyard.

Capping: A capped material is a composite decking type with an extra layer on the surface for higher protection. The capped method helps in higher resistance and durability of the material.

Fastening:It is a type of composite decking in which the heads of the screws and nails are invisible as they come with hidden fasteners. This keeps the look of your deck appealing and classy. You can easily drill and make a big framework that will change into a deck.


Basics behind the pricing of composite decking

When you buy a composite deck, you must know its pricing and the factors affecting it. This is because a price cannot be decided directly. It is the manufacturers who decide the price based on the following-

Labor cost

The most important aspect of pricing is the labor costs associated with it. The labor working on the decking installation generally contributes two-thirds of the price. Decking, which requires a huge team of laborers, is more expensive. Depending on the decking area and the design, the laborers charge for the decking project.

The faster they build the deck, the more they charge you. It is advisable to build your deck at home on your home. You just need to pay for the material of the deck. If you need an expert opinion, you must do some market research and look for laborers ready to work under your budget. You check the designs they are offering to see whether the investment is worth it.

Material cost

The second most important factor behind composite decking pricing in Melbourne is the material cost required for the deck. A deck is built with raw materials, including railing and hardware tools. Some added parts of the deck may charge you additionally. These are drainage systems and benches with deck materials. Look for a contractor who knows about added parts of decking for your garden space.

Size and shape

The size and shape of the deck also impact its price. Depending on the design and structure of the deck, the overall cost differs. The other labor and material costs are also dependent n the size and shape of the deck. The bigger you build the deck the cost of labor and materials increase. That is why it is crucial to measure the deck before you choose. Always look for catalogs where the pricing structure is mentioned with each size or measurement of the deck.

Installation area

Sometimes the composite decking pricing in Melbourne depends on the area you choose to install the deck. This is because some corners of the garden are bushy so the labor needs to clean it which is chargeable. Some areas of the garden are clean, but the platform is uneven. So you need to level up the area you require for installation, which adds a cost to decking. Installation area cost is not always applicable.


Qualities of a good composite decking pricing


Regarding strength, composite decking is one of the best materials. The layers of the composite decking are hardwearing and protective from damage and defects. Despite regular traffic on the decking board, the material remains strong and smooth for years. You can use it for parties and family gatherings with many guests, but the surface is not affected by human weight.

Safe option

Composite decking boards are much safer and less hazardous than other decking boards. For instance, if your house is near a fire-prone zone, then composite decking is the right choice for you. It is a safe option for your garden because composite decking is fire-resistant. the protective layer of the decking surface keeps your decking material away from heat.

Good for the environment

Composite decking is an environment-friendly option as the material is made up of wood fibers and recycled plastic. The production of composite decking is free from deforestation and does not create pollution. It protects our environment with values that help in sustainable development.

Easy to maintain

Composite decking is an easy-to-maintain option that can help reduce energy bills and address the climate crisis. Because Melbourne has a disturbing climate, maintaining your deck is difficult, but with composite decking, the maintenance cost can be reduced. You can simply clean it regularly and paint it once a year. The material remains scratch free for years with low maintenance.


How to find the best composite decking pricing in Melbourne?

Market research

To get the best composite decking pricing, you need to do proper market research. It helps you to get a fair price for your decking with the right material. There are different contractors available. You must compare the prices and options they provide in composite decking. Proper research gives you keen knowledge about composite decking which helps you in further decision-making. 


Always make a budget before you look for decking materials. You should analyze the budget with the decking options available in the market. Once you get the right decking matching your budget, you must choose it. You can get reasonable pricing only when you set a budget and cut down unnecessary expenses in building the deck.

Experienced contractor

An experienced contractor gives you a fair idea of the market’s current prices. With years of experience, contractors work with different suppliers so they are well aware of the market dynamics. You check some catalogs to see facilities of composite decking with the prices you are offered. A quality contractor helps you get the best composite decking pricing in Melbourne.

Quality of services

You must consider the decking price depending on the services you get from a company working with modern decking. This is because the price is associated with the labor, services, and decking material. So you must check the facilities each company is giving you in terms of price. A reliable company gives you a variety of options at a reasonable price.


Is it worth investing in composite decking?

You may wonder if it is worth paying a handsome amount for composite decking? The answer is yes. Composite decking is a good choice because of its quality and longevity. Unlike ordinary decks, composite decking adds a classy touch to your space. When you install composite decks, your garden becomes more functional for a long time. It is easily decorative and can be used for various purposes. You are free from renovation for years with composite decking. So definitely we can say that composite decking is your return on investment material. You get the right quality at the right price.


Concluding thought

We can say there are many factors to consider when it comes to composite decking pricing in Melbourne. The size and scope of your project will play a large role in determining the overall cost. By comparing prices and asking for quotes from multiple companies, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible deal on your new composite deck.Several reputable suppliers offer competitive prices, so it’s important to compare rates before making a purchase.

WoodEvo helps you to get amazing composite decking at a reasonable price. We have years of experience in this industry and a huge number of satisfied clients. We only charge for what we serve to our customers. We have various options in composite decking which you can check. Visit today and contact us in case you have any query regarding our services. Our customer support will give you the best solution possible.

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