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How much does Composite Decking cost?
Created On: September 1, 2022
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Composite decking becomes one of the major options on today’s decking market, more and more families and even public places are likely to use composite decking (eco friendly decking). The major benefits is maintenance free, saving the long term cost. However, saving the cost is not the only benefits composite decking bring to us, it is versatile, looks natural, luxury feeling, anti-slippery and even high fire ratings. Lots of people worried about the composite decking Cost. In this article, I will give a guideline about the cost.

In Australia market, we have different brands and different types of composite deckings, there are three major segment

1 . Uncapped Composite Decking Cost

The uncapped composite decking is the first generation, the market share is declining due to the lack of protection, and shortage of longevity, most of the brand only provides 5-10 years warranty for the uncapped product. The material cost can be between $50 – $100 per sqm, but it won’t last long as the capped composite decking

2. Capped Composite Decking Cost

The capped composite decking cost is the most popular decking choice at this moment, most of the solid board priced from $100 a sqm to $200 a sqm depends on feature benefits and different brands .(material only cost). Some of the decking got Australia standard certificate for example Anti Slippery rating, Bush fire attach level (BAL certificate)..those Australia standard certified products are cost between $150 – $200.

3. PVC/PU decking

This is the premium section of the composite decking and also the future of the decking, most of the PVC decking got a very premium ASA layer(frequently using in Automotive industry, the ASA layer naturally has the benefits of durability, colour fading protection and anti slippery, it brings superior feeling to the home owners. It costs $150 – $350 a sqm.

At WoodEvo we provide highest possible quality capped composite decking and premium PVC/ASA decking at a very competitive price, we are aiming to provide a solution to people’s decking project to bring to real benefits and lower the cost. If you have any decking enquiries, please feel free to contact our friendly sales team: 03 9052 4788 or visit our showroom at 3 Bass crt Keysborough 3173

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